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RE: The Future Of Gold: Not Great

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Speaking of technology and mining. I will be interested to see how long it is before we are mining things in outer space. Based on your assumptions about the rate of technology growth it should be much sooner rather than later. That undersea rig is pretty awesome. Talk about game changing!

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We will be mining things in outer space, I am certain of that. It is likely within the next couple decades. That said, I do not see it radically affecting prices here since we will be dealing with two markets. Stuff mined in outer space will be used out there. If we are truly moving towards an inter-planetary species (something I question), then we will need resources out there.

After all, we are not going to construct building by sending up rockets full of 2x4s.

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That makes sense. I am also guessing the cost of getting it and brining it back would make it not worth whatever we are mining. Unless it is that unobtainium stuff from Avatar. That might be worth it :)

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Well I look at it this way:

Do multi-national corps bring the money back they make overseas?

They do not. They account for it naturally but it is resident in a bank or investments in the country it was earned. Same thing with commodity companies. They do not bring all their commodities back to their home country. They have it secured all over the world.

I do not see why this wont be any different. The materials will be owned by an entity, hopefully a DAO, but will remain where it is most useful. Hell they might pull it from space and store it on the moon, Mars, or another heavenly orb.

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except if we are able to mine asteroids and land them in deserts or shallow seas.

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