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RE: Governments Are Not Invited

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I honestly thought bitcoin was older than that. I distinctly remember having a conversation about it, but I thought sure it was closer to the 2002 time frame or something like that. It sucks getting old. I can't keep everything straight anymore. I was actually just having dinner with my wife and some of our friends the other day and we got talking about crypto again. I have brought it up to them before, but given current world things like you mentioned, they are much more open to it now. I had to lie to them and tell them that their traditional investments will still be safe. I don't think we really know the answer to that... They created a Coinbase account and I am going to get them started investing in crypto though...

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Hmmm. You knew about it 5 years before the White Paper.

Maybe you are Satoshi.

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Yeah, that is why I am saying my timeline must be messed up somewhere. I'd have to go back and look at my resume to see where I was working and when. I know the location I remember having the conversation, but I don't remember the timeframe. If it was when I think it was, it was pure chance that I even heard it. Bad luck that I didn't pay more attention to it!

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There were other forms of digital cash before BTC, but it's the first one that got it right, or right enough, at the right time.

Yeah, like I said, I think I might just have my work timeline wrong. It could have been the earlier ideas about it too. I just am pretty sure I remember him saying Bitcoin.

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