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RE: Could HBD Change DeFi On Hive?

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As much as I love the price of HBD being so high right now to give me a better conversion to Hive, I really think it needs to be capped. Knowing that it is supposed to be right around $1 and seeing it between $1.50 and $2.00 gets me a little on edge. I think the points you laid out here make a lot of sense. Having a stable place to store funds even if temporarily would be a great thing. It would also drive a lot of people here to Hive (hopefully).

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The advantages far outweigh the issues we are presently experiencing. It will take work to get there but it seems like some of the ideas are doing well.

We could see the next hard fork really take a step forward for HBD. I look forward to more discussions out there about it.

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I always get a little nervous when hard forks come around, but this one has me pretty excited. It sounds like they have a lot of good stuff in the works.

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