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RE: LBI - Building the foundations with LeoPower

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This makes a ton of sense. I am always shocked at how much people underestimate the power of curation. I think because most of us have smaller accounts, you don't really see how it can add up as your account grows. When I am talking to people about Hive I always like to show them a big account where the person has a lot of HP that they use for curation and keep rolling that back into their account. I think you are making the right move by focusing on curation to grow the account right now and not branching off yet into other things. We want a stable base before we start exploring other avenues. I wrote a post today about how I am on the fence about nominating myself. I see one person has come forward now. That is encouraging.

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That is true about the size of accounts. I've been on STEEM/HIVE over 4 years now and forget what it like to have a small 1-2k HP wallet. That's a good point.

I've just woke up and not seen they nomination yet, i'll go and check that out, thanks for the heads up.

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Yeah, even at about 20k HP after three years I am still in awe of the large accounts that pull in hundreds of hive per day. No problem on the nomination, I am hoping you folks can pull together a really great team.