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RE: Curious why the big drop in Bitcoin today? You can thank the dollar...

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Great analysis. What you are saying seems to be a pretty popular view based on what I have been reading. It makes me feel like I might need to get some funds in order incase I want to make a purchase myself. It seems like every time I am ready to make the jump I have issues with my bank or my credit card. Getting some USD into Coinbase ahead of time would help avoid that kind of thing.

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Exactly. I remember back in the day when it would take me over a week to get my cash available to be be used on Coinbase. I think now they let you purchase stuff as soon as you transfer, which is better. The ideal option is to have some already there and ready to go.

Coinbase still says transfers can take up to 3 days, but usually it is matter of minutes, even outside banking hours. I'm using simple wire transfer as the fees with credit card are higher... For wire transfer, the fee is about 0.18 USD when converted from EUR, for credit card it is about 2.42 USD (1.99 EUR).