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A short time ago it occurred to me that I have a couple of machines with pretty decent graphics cards just laying around. They aren't cutting edge or anything like that, but I think one is a laptop with a GTX 2060 and the other is a desktop with a GTX 1080.

Like I said, nothing spectacular, but they get the job done. I was reading some posts by others here on Leo Finance and I got thinking that it might be cool to try a little mining with those machines. In the past I had them working on the BOID project, but I wanted to give them a turn at something else for a change.

I think through one of those earlier posts I heard about NiceHash. Basically you are renting out your processing power to other people to help them mine BTC, but you get a cut of it as well.

To be honest I really wasn't expecting much from this. I know that the majority of BTC is mined by the the big conglomerates and it really isn't very cost effective for us common folk to do much mining. Especially if you aren't able to buy the special rigs that they make these days. Plus, with graphics cards being so hard to find, you are pretty much limited to what you have on-hand.


I have to admit, at this point things are going a bit better than I imagined. I know my wallet balance looks pretty small in the picture here, but that doesn't take into account the $100 or so that I already moved out of my wallet after about a month of mining.

I know I probably should have given you the amount in actual BTC because the price changes so much that a US dollar amount isn't very accurate. In case you really care, the amount that I was able to pull out was .002 BTC. I moved it to my account so that I could maybe pick up some more CRO. I am still holding it as BTC at this point, waiting for a dip.

I've got a Thread Ripper with some kind of graphics card in it that I am working on getting set up to mine something. I wanted to do NiceHash with it as well, but it is running Ubuntu and there isn't a NiceHash client for Linux. They only have a full operating system and since this machine serves a purpose other than mining, I need it to be running as is.

I might look into some other options that offer a Linux client. Perhaps some Cardano mining. I haven't decided yet.

The crazy thing is, I am just letting these machines do their business in the background. I still use them for a variety of things each day. In fact the desktop is my main desktop that I write the majority of my posts from. I have done zero optimization or overclocking of these machines. I don't think either of them are even running at 100% utilization.

That is nuts to me!

I look forward to seeing what I can come up with after another month of mining!

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I hope you're not paying the electric bill, I used to use NiceHash 3 years ago, but not anymore. There are much easier ways of making crypto.

Like what? Hive? Maybe for you Mr. $100+ payouts! :) Nah, it's just running on a couple of machines that would be running anyway and like I said, I don't have them tuned or running balls to the wall or anything.

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It's like $4-$5 a day.., figure in the electric costs and then see what you get. I'm just trying to warn you from experience. The utility bill arrived and I almost fell over.

...and no, not from HIVE.

I will keep an eye on it. You better not be hoarding all the juicy tips!

I have several 3080 cards - they bring a good income, considering that electricity is very cheap in Russia!

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Nice, here in Canada it is costly, 17can cents during the day 8can cents during night.

After mining for the week and electricity I make like 2$ 🤣🤣 off 1 old card

Wow - we have a price of $ 0.037 per - / kWh - I earn more than $ 2000 a month from 7 cards 3080.

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Haha! That is awesome. I am glad you have found a good way to use them! I'd love cheap electricity right about now!

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I have always wanted to explore gpu mining. Hopefully, I get a PC soon with a decent graphic card.

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It is not profitable for the most part. It can be if you hold during bearmarket

Yeah, I have heard about people who mine a lot of shitcoins with their PC. That can be an option I could explore. If its impact on my computer isn't significant over a long period, I don't mind the extra cash.

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Yeah mining shit coins is where it's at. 2017 xmr forkd a ton and I jumped from coin to coin making bank

Lol! Good for you. I will certainly fancy my chances during the next bear market (if that ever happens again 😏)

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Fingers Crossed!

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I have been in the process of trying to implement NiceHash onto some other systems as well, but gave up from some complications. Very smart use of your equipment and getting everything you can from them. I am new so not sure if this is the most efficient, but I would mine Bitcoin and convert to MKR when the price is lower. Maker made me quite a bit when I was working with only ~$40.

Very cool. I think I have some of that but I am not sure.

I participate in various projects using BOINC and technically earn some Gridcoin along the way. Unfortunately, Gridcoin isn't worth much at the moment. I keep hoping one day it will gain some respectable value...or at least enough to offset electricity costs.

I am with you. I have been active in BOID for quite a while now which uses BOINC and the IBM World Community Grid. I have a ton of the tokens, but sadly they are not worth that much. Maybe one day...

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Nice they should net a small amount 🤣.

I got the old Rx 570 pushing RVN and it ain't bad. I don't like nice hash cause only 1 card takes to long for cash out.

I might need to look into RVN. I need something for this Ryzen to sink its teeth into.

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You could look into folding for the banano team with the ryzan.

I do that with my cpu power. Win win really fold for cancer research and earn banano.

I mine RVN on flypool right to my atomic wallet then dump on binance for hive ✅

I already do the cancer research thing on BOID. I am not sure what I am going to do yet! Thanks for all of the suggestions!

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I don't have any machines with decent graphics cards, so it's probably not worth trying to mine. Do they get warm? Could be useful in the winter to offset the power cost.

Mine don't seem to get that warm at all. Like I said though, I don't have them running full bore either.

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You have to watch power usage as that can get expensive but the 1080 I think runs max 200watts? So it's not all that bad. Any bit of bitcoin you can extract and hold is a good thing in my opinion. I use to do faucets and mining years ago and still do but on a very light end of things now. People use to make fun of me about it but look who's laughing now. That $100 I mined a month is now worth thousands and heavily offsets that power bill.

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Yeah, that is my goal. I figure if I can pull in like $100 per month and maybe move it into some alts that could potentially pop in the future, then who really cares if I used a little more energy.

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It's good to be able to put old gear that you just have laying around to some productive use. Even the small abounts you're currently mining right now, could be worth much more down the line.

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For sure! I think it could be a really big deal in a couple of months here. If nothing else I just use it to keep buying more Hive!

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I don't know a great deal about this mining stuff. I did do some mining for a disease research outfit for a bit.

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That is cool. That is kind of what I do for BOID. It is a good way to give back.

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