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Sometimes, when I am in between doing things and I have some spare time on my hands, my mind can go to pretty weird places. That happened to me this morning, and though I can't tell you how I got there, I eventually was thinking about what it would look like if I had to liquidate all of my crypto assets.

As shocking and unfathomable as that sounds, it led to another realization that figuratively had me floored. Something I never could have comprehended or imagined.

After three years of dabbling and investing in cryptocurrency, my crypto portfolio is equal to or bigger than my traditional portfolio that I have been investing in for 25 years.

Let that sink in for a second or two.

Still with me?

For many of you, this was probably a pretty meh statement. You are a all in die-hard blockchain believer and it only makes sense that this would be the case.

For others, the gravity of the above statement is still probably sinking in.

The crazy thing is, my investments produce pretty decent returns. I think somewhere in the range of 7% to 10% interest via dividends, reinvestments and capital gains each year. It isn't like that money is in a sub 1% savings account just languishing.

I figured about $500 to $600 per month for nearly twenty five years.

It is mind blowing to me.


Sure, crypto is volatile. I could lose every cent that I have invested via some black swan event triggered by a government, corporation, or whale having a bad day. The fact remains that right now, at this point in time, the last three years of learning, exploring, and investing in blockchain have been very good to me.

I think many of us are in this same position given the bull market right now. Have you really taken the time to stop and take stock of where you were and where you are at now though?

I'm actually surprised I haven't made some kind of spreadsheet yet to compare the two investment classes.

That totally sounds like something I would do.

Anyway, this is a short post and probably a bit of rambling, but this was just something that popped into my head this morning and I wanted to share it. Comment on it, or don't... whatever :)


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After three years of dabbling and investing in cryptocurrency, my crypto portfolio is equal to or bigger than my traditional portfolio that I have been investing in for 25 years.

I believe you right away, we were recently discussing the fact that we never ever had a piggy bank/ savings account filled as much as we are filling it with crypto. It's beyond my belief that it can be that easy with magic internet money compared to the "real" currency that the non crypto believers see as the only currency in the world. FIAT :)

Well done though, and keep up the good work building!

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Thanks, you too! Yeah, it is pretty crazy that it has come to this. I think it is something that many of us dreamed about or envisioned, but never really expected to be a reality.

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I kind of imagine if you havent started you are planning at least the spreadsheet to track both investments and see how they compare now with a plan to compare again in a year ;)

Yeah, I have a rough draft going in my head!

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I knew it I would be the same if I had more crypto other than just hive

Maybe time to extract some profit back to the real world? Now it is only virtual profit. Back if you would be able to convert the initial investment back into Fiat it never could turn into a nightmare again!
Or is that a stupid idea? The so called FOMOOMP. The fear of missing out on more profit.
We all know that it could south again without any reason and in such a rapid pace that it is even hard to catch the falling knife.
Just my 2 cents!


That missing out on more profit is definitely huge. I had to take that risk and pull some out to wipe out some debt that I still hand lingering. The biggest drawback to that was the taxes I am going to have to pay. Then like you said always in the back of my mind is the feeling I could have waited and gotten more!

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That's exactly the realization I needed to hear this morning as it caused me to reflect as well.

Thinking back to when my account was worth only a couple of hundred bucks, I could not imagine it rising to where it is today, The difference came when I started to put some skin in the game and prime the pump. That's when I began to see a slow but growing change in my crypto future and also making the decision to get out and really start engageing made all the difference in the world. I hope your blessings continue to fall like rain! :)


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Thank you! I wish the same to you as well. I definitely wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't bought and staked some tokens in the platform in my early days. It wasn't much, but it pushed me past that 500 point and from there it just started to grow!

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Congratulations! Def crypto can be life-changing.

Remember always to keep your feet on the ground and to never lose sight of what was your initial objective when you started :)

Thanks for that great advice. I've actually already accomplished that initial objective, so now might be a good time to set some new ones!

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I agree and think it is crazy, I don't think we will see these gains for ever but I do see a future build on protocols and blockchains. Maybe none of the chains we are investing in but likely they will be used

Even 10% gains are not bad but with crypto we know 100% gains are easily accessible

Yeah, I would be totally find with 10% gains across the board. I have enough stuff spread all over the place I would be pretty much set. At the very least a little more comfortable.

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I haven't really seen too much of a change to my account since most of my funds are not in crypto. However it has increased quite a bit and I am wondering whether or not I should add more or even take some profits. I probably will take profits and wait for a better bear market to start building a bigger position.

Though in the mean time, I will grow those crypto bags with blogging here on HIVE.

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I started doing my recurring buys now so that by the time we hit the bear market I won't even miss the funds. That is the plan anyway!

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