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I realize I am a bit behind on this, since the news was actually announced last Friday. The fantastic team over at CubDefi introduced a new farm for us and I am just now getting around to talk about it.

I had intended on posting last Friday, but I had an emergency at home and that pretty much blew all of my blockchain time for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I was pretty excited when I heard about the BUSD/DEC farm that was being added to Cub Defi. I had been sitting on about 16,000 DEC that I was building up in anticipation of needing it when the land aspect of Splinterlands was fully up and running.

Since we really have no idea when that will happen, I decided to throw my DEC into the Cub farm. I took some liquid LEO that I had received from rewards over the past week and wrapped that into BLEO. Then I swapped that BLEO over on Cub for BUSD.

The whole process was really easy as I have come to expect from the Leo team. Not a single issue getting from point a to point b.

I even used the bridge in Splinterlands to get my DEC over to my BSC wallet and that was easy as well. Everyone involved has really done a great job with making this as simple as possible. The new bridge they are working on should get tons of use.


When Friday finally arrived, I knew I would probably have to wait most of the day for the farm to actually show up. I was pretty excited when they made the announcement before noon (my time) that it was up and running.

I quickly jumped over to the site and added liquidity with the BUSD and DEC pair. I accepted the contract and finally I deposited the pair to the farm. All that was left now was to watch the CUBs roll in.

I've gotta be honest, I was expecting more. I thought the CUBs would just start flowing in like crazy. I have some tokens in the BNB/BLEO farm and that generates CUB at a snails pace. Between that and my CUB in the Den, I think I pull in about 1 CUB per day.

I know that $40 in DEC and $40 in BUSD isn't really that much, but for me it felt like a lot. Enough that I should have seen the CUB getting generated faster than it was. At the very least I was hoping I could start generating 2 CUB per day thanks to this new farm I was participating in.

It is now quite apparent to me that this is definitely a rich persons game. You literally have to be investing thousands of dollars into the farms to be pulling in the kind of CUB that you hear people talking about.

I get that I probably shouldn't complain. Based on the potential, any amount of CUB you can gain is a good amount to hold onto for the future.

It doesn't lessen the blow though. I really anticipated this was going to be different. Something more accessible to those with smaller bags unlike the DeFi platforms that we keep hearing about over on the ETH side.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up, but I certainly have a diminished idea of what I can expect from my first real entry into the DeFi space.

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Pretty much. Plus the fees you'd have to spend on each transactions.

Well, more money begets more money. As for us, better small than none? Just my thoughts. ☺️

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Yeah, I guess, so but it still feels like you can never catch a break sometimes.

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It is all about the rapid volatility of the currency and the sudden landing we need some stability

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I need some big gains so I can pump that money into other projects!

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Money makes money. Some of the guys making $100+ have tens of thousands in the pools.

Ridiculous. I just want a big win once :) I'll never ask for anything again after that :)

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Same I need a gold win I’ve been beaten down pretty good lately.

It is now quite apparent to me that this is definitely a rich persons game. You literally have to be investing thousands of dollars into the farms to be pulling in the kind of CUB that you hear people talking about.

So true @bozz. Especially someone who has put that much money on the Day 1 and have been farming since. People like me take so much time to arrange a little sum, until then, half of the lead is lost.

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I am with you on that! Just once I'd like to be able to plop a huge bag down and reap the benefits. It just takes that one big win to fund some of the other big wins and before you know it you are a whale. At least in theory. I am still chasing that first big win!

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You will get it @bozz. Keep stacking. 😁😁😁 Just one big project, one big win.

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I hope we both do!

Yes Definitely.

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Yea I agree. It's the reason why I am avoiding the pools after staking my CUB airdrop in the den. Not only do is it not motivating when you compare returns, the transaction fees just aren't worth it when you got less than 1 CUB staked.

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