Giving CRO a second look

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Several years ago I was introduced to I am not sure what prompted me to visit the site, but I do know that I felt it was a scam. I mean anyone who is able to snag the domain is either years ahead of the competition or they are totally trying to scam you right? It just sounds too easy and makes too much sense!

Thankfully, I didn't give up on them and as I continued to dig into what they were doing I was pretty impressed. I purchased a number of cryptos through them including their native MCO token.

What really drove me to the MCO token was the idea that you could stake it and then take advantage of their crypto VISA card. At the time I had never heard of Wirex, so this was still all very new and exciting to me. On top of being able to spend crypto like fiat with a credit card, there was also the added benefit of getting free Netflix and Spotify at the higher staking levels.

I never got around to staking enough to ever get one of the cards, but I held the MCO anyway, just in case. One day I got a message from them that they were nix'ing the MCO token and moving to something called the CRO token. If I remember right the CRO token was always around, but they were migrating fully to CRO. MY MCO got converted automatically to CRO and once again, I just kind of forgot about it.


That brings us to today. If you haven't noticed, the price of the CRO token has been slowly increasing with this bull run. In addition to that, has been announcing a lot of really great things lately. They are trying to move into the NFT market and just announced a partnership with Aston Martin as well as some other big name companies.

They have a very easy to use front end and they have been around for several years which we know in this space is pretty impressive. They also just recently announced the launch of their mainnet for DeFi on March 25.

All of these things have made me start to feel a little bullish about the CRO token and are giving me a reason to take a second look at it.

Now, I am not saying CRO is going to be the next BNB, but most of us probably didn't think BNB was going to be the next BNB either. I didn't anyway.

sitting right around $.21 I think that the CRO token is a relative steal right now. If they continue to see the success they have been with little to no breaches or other issues, I think that they might be in a really good place come the end of the year.

I am at the point where I feel it is a confident gamble, so I went ahead and picked up about 250 more of the tokens last night. I am looking to maybe add another 750 to 1000 of them to my stack today if things go right.

Are you familiar with the CRO token? What is your take on it? I'd love to hear your input!

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I do remember that website and that card, unfortunatly back then I had no money! :) Sounds like they had a decent offering, though and I'm glad you were able to get in. Here's to hoping that young shoot grows into a tall crypto-tree! :)


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Yes, here's hoping!

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I entered into CRO realm for the 50$ they gave for joining. After that I was comfortable with the staking rewards they were giving. I wanted to move my XRP tokens there to get staking rewards. Now their USDT staking percentage is really tempting. But overall my experience had been nice with them so far.

That is very cool! I had already signed up, so the $50 bonus was not on the books for me. It sounds like you have had an awesome experience though!

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I'm taking a look at CRO and Voyager. I also like peanut butter and jelly sandwhichces

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Very interesting! I haven't had a PB&J in forever :)

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I use them extensively for the credit card and getting interest on stablecoins and crypto.
Very glad I forked out to stake CRO for a card. It’s worth a lot now but I’ll likely never sell as I like the card cash back and interest bonuses too much.

I really like that Jade card, but $4000 USD staked in CRO is a huge stretch for me. Like 10x what I can afford to put into it right now.

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I bought some last year in November and been holding since. With all the upcoming features, their own chain, NFT's and stuff, CRO should go higher!

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I hope so! It definitely seems like it is heading that way!

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They do have some cool things going on but I often wonder just like credit cards give away rewards for using them if there is some iffy tracking etc that goes on now that large companies like VISA are involved. It's like the grey area between crypto and mega corps. They are for sure making moves though!

Yes, there likely could be some kind of tracking going on. I am pretty sure is heavy on KYC kind of like Coinbase, so I am thinking you need to realize that going in. We are probably all being tracked to some degree if we use credit cards at all. Whether they are tied to crypto or not.

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