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Do you know what today is? I mean besides Hive Power Up Day. Yep, it's April 1st. You know what that means... We need to be extra careful about what we read and especially what we believe on this day.

No doubt there are countless friends, enemies, businesses, family members, and random acquaintances who are just waiting to see how many people they can fool with some lame April Fools prank.

The funny thing is, it someone were to try to fool me and tell me that the price of BTC rocketed up to $100K or Hive jumped up to $2, I might actually believe them. That is just how hot things are in the crypto world right now!

With BTC looking like it is going to test that $60K mark again, we really aren't that far from $100K. $40K to go. We covered that span just from December to now. Four short months. Can you believe it? I am not sure I can, and yet here we are. The numbers don't lie!


Before I get to the power up on my main account, I wanted to celebrate the fact that my secondary curation account and my main account for the Sports Talk Social tribe finally hit 1000 HP the other day.

Given the current price of Hive and the direction it looks like we are going, that is nothing to be ashamed of. I remember when I first started the climb to 1000 seemed like it would take forever. Now I have two accounts there! Thanks to everyone who has supported my sports writing on the Hive side of things. I wouldn't be here without you.

Honestly, I probably could have been there sooner, but I usually send all of my earned HBD to my main account.

Okay, on to the big show:


As you can see, I was able to power up a pretty decent amount of Hive today. I think we all know that we have the Koreans to thank for that and their current pump of the HBD price.

I understand it is better to keep the price of HBD closer to $1, but you can't deny there are a lot of people whose lives are being slightly improved by this current price action.

By topping the 26,000 mark I am even closer to my year end goal of 30k HP. I think that is easily do-able if I can manage to keep my Hive out of other projects on the blockchain. The draw of things like #leo, #ctp, #lbi, and many of the other awesome things popping up on here is hard to resist.

So that's it, pretty short post from me today. Did you participate in HPUD day? What about Leo Power Up Day? Both of those seem to pretty much be every day for me lately!

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Happy HivePUD day and April's Fool day, no joke a good way to invest is keep powering up!

Indeed! Have a great Easter Weekend!

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Have a great Easter weekend as well.

Yes I just saw a post that Hive was $8 and had to check CoinGecko.
It’s not so ridiculous. It was $6 just before Facebook banned crypto ads.

Indeed, I actually think it touched the 8$. If it will rebound to the same btc ratio it will be worth much much more.

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Right! For sure. I knew there would probably be some stuff out like that today.

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I have been fooled already by risingstar game as they launched a fooling legendary card this morning.
Be care full and don't fall for the pranks.
Best of luck for the participation to powerup day.
I will be doing my bit aby EOD today.

You know what, after all of my warnings I should have read your comments sooner. I got fooled by their prank too. It wasn't until I realized the light wasn't coming on for my webcam!

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😏 fortunately no one fooled me yet. Happy April 1st anyway.

Best of luck with that! I have been fooled once so far! I feel pretty ashamed!

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congrats on the power up. I haven't check the price yet. with my small amount of hive, all i want is to make post and keep earning. still have a lot of HP to catch up. :)

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You will get there. It's a marathon not a sprint!

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It's a day to be extra cautious. The Rising Star game had a little joke with us today.

I am just powering up HIVE I have collected as it is getting expensive to buy and I bought some recently to celebrate a full year of Hive. I know people want it to be cheap so they can buy more, but a higher price gets us more publicity and people post more in hope of rewards. Both have benefits.

Yeah, they got me even after my warnings to everyone else! Most of my Hive is just coming from my rewards.

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Congratulations @bozz. Right now I am more interested in LEO. So liquid Hive/HBD goes into investing LEO & Dividend Tokens. I don't touch my HP rewards. They will be powered up forever until I hit at least 10k.


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That is pretty much what I do as well.

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