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RE: How much SPORTS have I staked in last 30 days? - Hive-Engine API codes included.

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Cna you help me check mine, for Botefarm and for


for botefarm account SPORTS staked details -
Account name - Amount - Date and Time
botefarm 28697.122 2021-01-03T23:30:39
botefarm 43872.651 2021-01-13T06:31:12
botefarm 11991.868 2021-01-13T06:32:54
botefarm 3065.769 2021-01-13T06:42:36
botefarm 33055.216 2021-01-14T06:19:00
botefarm 60552.091 2021-01-16T14:57:54

Total - Between Jan 1st and Jan 20th - SUM = 181234.717 SPORTS

Note: if botefarm has staked to other accounts then it won't appear in botefarm data but it will appear in the staked account data. SPORTS staked details - Jan 1st to Jan 20th -

55709.238 2021-01-12T06:44:57

The above stake is actually done from @botefarm account . There are no staking done by from Jan 1st till now.

Do you need any other token data?


Hey sure why not.

But right now I am segregating the data month wise. So December data might not be available till tomorrow. Is it okay if I gave you Jan 1 to Jan 20th data for now?