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RE: Could HBD Change DeFi On Hive?

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Would be really interesting to see how this unfolds. I'm sure a real stablecoin will open a ton of new opportunities. And with high interest paid on it, it sure gets interesting. My only concern is whether this will disincentivize people from holding Hive Power. The network can become weaker if this happens. But it is good that the witnesses can adjust the APR parameter, so if we see a lot of HP being powered down and moved to HBD savings, then witnesses can hopefully act to lower the APR or take some other measure.

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Why would there be less incentive to hold HP?

A few people have mentioned that and I dont get it. Hive can appreciate in value, can generate a return, and provides governance. So, if there is a 8% return on HBD, for example, I still am not sure there is an incentive to opt for that over HP. Of course, it depends upon what the use case is. If one is simply an investor, then maybe so. But anyone who is active, I think the HBD will be a benefit and pull in some new money as opposed to just taking from what is here.

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My guess is many people lean towards passive income. Increasing your HP requires participation. It also seems more complex - less certainty about your ROI. Whereas if you have a clear APR set, then you can park the money and not do anything - it just grows. So maybe there is more certainty and more passivity (less action required) when you hold HBD in savings as opposed to holding HP.

Another thing I'm wondering about is the compounding. Will HBD compound every 3 seconds? Does HP compound every 3 seconds? I'm not sure about this but if it does, then it seems extraordinary and the compounded interest (APY) would be far greater than the APR.

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