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RE: The Story Of 2021: Big Tech Flexing Its Muscle

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My friend @erikah wondered what would have happened to her work if Google wanted to make it disappear. I ask you, because you are very well informed, why Google would want this?

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Why would Twitter and Facebook delete accounts?

Google cancels a lot of accounts too. They have agenda's and use it against people.

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Twitter and Facebook have political and opinion-manipulating implications, they pursue a strategy in which you can be in their way, but why would Google delete a blogging account? A site about gardening, cooking or photography?
Of course, they have the power to do it, but what would they gain from it?

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They might not go after a cooking blog but they will a political one? Or one that espoused any views that are against what they want? Perhaps questioning the government or calling the President/Congress out? Perhaps questioning the virtuousness of Big Tech. There could be a lot of reasons.

With censorship, there are no rules because the rules established mean nothing. It is arbitrary.

Maybe the ban the cooking blog because it advocates eating meat and the censor that day is vegan.

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Maybe because I'm too old, maybe because I'm afraid of anarchy ... I've seen much closer (in time) than you what the masses of unleashed people can do. In Romania there have been several incidents of this kind in the last thirty years. I like reason and logic and they don't really take place in an unbridled heterogeneous mass.
The seizure of power by such movements, by the great mass of the exploited people (of course they were right to revolt, because the exploitation was maximum) but the power eventually came into the hands of those who made the most centralized forms of leadership... tyranny, dictatorship (fascist or communist), never followed a golden age. I lived in the cruelest censorship for almost half a century.

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