My Leofinance Targets for This Year

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Inspired by this post Defining my Leofinance Targets for this year written by our colleague @alexvan, I try, first of all for myself, to clarify my thoughts and try to establish a path in LeoFinance.

I hope @alexvan doesn't mind that I even used the title of his post ... and doesn't ask for my copyright. I count on his generosity and his desire, confessed, to help the less skilled in writing such blogs.

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The first goal, already achieved, is to be in this community extremely dedicated to business, finance and cryptocurrencies, even if at the moment I'm not really trained in this field but I have a great desire to overcome this handicap.

The second goal is to be able to accumulate 1000 LEO Power by the end of the year. At the moment I only have 200 LPs, (buy not made) and the prospect of accumulating from my activity here is small, I consider it, as it will be, as a bonus. I have to buy Leo ...

I learn, quite painfully, that lack of vision, flair and attention pays off. I sold all the Leo I received last year, thinking that I will not be able to work in this community due to lack of knowledge in the financial field. I was not passionate about discussions about cryptocurrencies, nor do we consider Steem or Hive cryptocurrencies but a kind of measure of the value of blogger activity, strictly on our social platform. Big mistake, which now puts me in the situation of buying Leo that many others have won by the simple activity of writing here.

I don't think I will be able to accumulate more than 30-50 Leo from my activities here this month, so I will have to buy another 750 Leo to reach my goal. I have a budget at the current value of Leo, if the value will increase a lot during this period (as we all want) then I may not reach the goal.


Another recent post changed my perspective on myself and LeoFinance. This blog is about curators ... LEO Whales Are Spreading Stake to New Users | Curator Reward Leaderboard

This is how I understood why the level of engagement is so high. The level of engagement and interaction between the members of a social platform expresses how alive that platform is.

From this point of view, LeoFinance, through the modifications made to the Hive model, proved that the activity can be improved and that the members of the community can be impelled to be very active. Of course, the best impetus is given by the rewards.

It's clear from this report that the community and top stakeholders support users who consistently create content and engage with other user content regularly. If you want to be successful on a platform like LeoFinance, then engagement is 90% of the game.

What did I understand reading this last blog written by @leofinance?

First of all, I don't necessarily have to be an inspired and good blog writer. In order to be noticed and to be rewarded, it is enough to be very active, to read as many posts of my colleagues as possible and to interact with them, asking or trying to make a contribution to the subject.

Then, as my LP grows, to be a discerning curator and look for what I think is value and vote for those posts.


I hope that @theycallmedan, who is a follower of this principle, will be able to promote such actions for Hive as well. Because a living and dynamic Hive, like a LeoFinance that is already like that, can only be to our advantage, to everyone!

Interesting how such a system makes everyone evolve. The desire and the need to comment forces me, first of all, to read that post carefully, so to learn something from each blog and so, even people without much knowledge will soon learn the notions related to finance, stocks , business, crypto currencies and blockchain. The next step will be the need to share my opinion and this will be by writing blogs, and once in this position I will become (will become all beginners) the initiated members of this community. Rewards will also increase.

This, of course, will require patience and perseverance

To be successful at some point, we must follow a successful example, the example of other colleagues who have successfully passed these stages. I have the example of my Romanian colleagues who do very well here: @acesontop, @erikah and @alexvan. Of course, they know much better about this area of finance but they are, at the same time, among the best commentators. This helped them, first of all, to be noticed by the curators and their results reflect this.


What determines, first of all, the success of this community, is the curation activity and the involvement of the whales. It is the most important method of retaining and supporting newcomers.

I started three and a half years ago in Steemit and for more than a year no one noticed me, although I was making great efforts to write quality blogs with beautiful graphics. I wanted to give up twice and only the (moral) support I received from a few colleagues made me to change my mind.

Now I see here that the man with the largest amount of LEO staked, @onealfa, has manually cast over 5,000 votes in the past month ...

I see ...

Amazing @onealfa.leo is on the top here as well with more than 5k votes. @taskmaster4450le on the second spot with almost 3k votes. @oakshieldholding on the third place with 2.7k votes in the period.

Only these three whales shared over 10k votes in a month.

Imagine how many benefited from their votes. I also benefited, probably for encouragement. There are many more curators who generously share their votes ... to those who deserve it.

You have to be crazy not to want to be here.

The main reason why it is not yet an avalanche of registrations, in my opinion, is that these things are not known and of course, the retention, which I had, of those who are not familiar with the technical terms regarding finance. But these can be learned by reading posts and comments in LeoFinance.

I am very happy that I had the courage to cross this threshold, towards LeoFinace! I hope that I will be able to fulfill the goal I have chosen.



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When the banker says that he is a financial illiterate and that he is happy to be here to learn, than I'm happy to be here also.

Thank you for this posts and keep up the good work.

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To be more precise, in the bank I was the head of the cashier ( vault), I took care of the physical money and I stayed away from the financial strategies, which were done in the headquarters anyway, I was in a branch. But the money connection, physically, was great and maybe that also explains the distrust I had in a currency that I can't touch.

Thank you very much!

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You've been the cash king and a banker never the less. Happy that you are in here and that you are open for learning and to share knowledge. We need more people with experience to join, no matter the field.

Thanks again for this post.

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Great to see you take the leap on LeoFinance - I am very much like you, sounds like we've lead almost identical journeys both with LEO and on Hive! You will get to your goal, hopefully it will be before the end of the month, that's a strong challenge! I tend to go for every quarter, gives a bit of a chance but can also over deliver which makes it even better!

This is how HIVE should be with the amount of engagement. I'm hoping that more see the potential of topic specific communities with the right mindset of larger stakeholders spreading the token around and encouraging others to be constantly involved. Keep it up! See you on 1,000 LP soon!

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Yes, I understand that it is difficult but I did my calculations and I think I was not wrong and I will succeed by the end of the month.

In fact, I also hope that Hive will copy or be inspired by the model brought by LeoFinance!

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Alright, love the ambition!

Yeah me too, I think things are slowly turning from what I've read on blocktrades post but still a long way off. The speed at which LeoFinance is moving at, seems to be quite a long way ahead but dragging Hive with it. All part of the same team though, I'm sure good things are coming with Hive too

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I'm glad you think so, hopefully it will be!

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Engagement is really great in here. Onboarding users will be comfortable here I believe.

I'm glad I've staked 5K Leo on my curation account @anggreklestaleo

I want to increase my Leo Power up to 10K but now the price is higher than before.

I write in my latest post why Leo is one level higher than Hive :)

Yes, engagement is great. Congratulations on the accumulated LP. A very good choice.

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Hello dear friend @bluemoon good night
Excellent post, I loved your insight on how to close the year by significantly increasing your power
You also say very true things about the great work that this community is doing.
It is good that you have decided to publish here, without a doubt you will learn about this particular niche.

I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night

Thank you very much for the kind words, I hope we both do well here.

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By seeing the undeniable progress LEO has made I think sooner or later Hive will have to follow it as Linear rewards is clearly better. This is why I keep on piling up Hive for now as , once it moves ( if it moves ) to linear , the price will shoot up .

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Let's hope! It would be good for all of us.

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as soon as i read about the wealth the whales are spreading and how much time they invest in manual curation i gain quite the motivation! and note that i make 100+ comments each week!

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Yes, you are an example to follow. Thanks!

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thanks a lot for your kind words!

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My pleasure!

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You are highly welcomed and trust me that you'll make your way around here. Finances and crypto are part of our daily lives. Just have patience, engage, read, learn and blog as often as you feel like. It's easy, trust me. Moreover we will have microblogging such as Twitter soon and it will be even easier to be active around here.

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This is also my hope and thank you very much for your encouragement and support.

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Nice read, You put it very brilliantly that what is needed for succeeding here.
I wish you all the luck in this journey.

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Thank you very much for the kind words and thank you even more for the support given to me and other newcomers. It matters a lot to me (us)!

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That's a Big WOW......... great work indeed.
Wishes to reach many more milestones

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Thank you very much! Wish you the same .

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That is a great plan and good thinking. You'll get there, no worries. Just have a little faith and work hard. Unfortunately these are both necessary. The community is growing day by day, you're going to find your circle to interact with and will be fun. You'll see. Trust me, I know what 'm talking about.

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Thank you! I have a faith problem but hard work doesn't scare me. I know you know what you're talking about and I'm glad about that.

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