What Does The "Red" Mean For Beginners In The Crypto Market?

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So I have been looking at the chart since yesterday and I am like wow....just like that lol. Well, during the years I have heard about crash like this....but I never been interested because I wasn't trading or holding any, so it was not my business. However, today I see it all...the buzz, the trend and different opinions from people. While one part of me is screaming "my money!!!" Okay yeah it might be a tinny tiny amount but hey, it is something.

Honestly, I see this as an opportunity but I can't help but be bothered when I read people's comment..."What if it crashes totally? What if this...what if that?". As someone new to all this, it is totally okay to feel scared or bothered like you are about to get scammed. But following how the crypto market works I choose to see the profit in the near future if I grab on this.

Whether you choose to take the risk on not, life itself is a gamble, you win some and loose some. However, what you choose to do at this "red" time is very important. I have had regrets of jumping into the crypto world late and I am not about to jump out due to this. So I am going to buy a tinny tiny more of whatever it is I decide on, cross my fingers and hope that the red becomes green again.

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