My Crypto Journey And My Advice To Beginners Who Are Interested

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How time flies.....

I remember the first time I got to "know" about Hive and other coins. When I say "know" I mean actually sit to listen a friend explain it, I heard of it but never really gave it a thought. Honestly what caught my attention was the the plan was to write, write and write then cash out. However, I learnt overtime that there are other things involved, "oh, Hive is not the only good deal out there...there are more", I thought to myself. So I began to learn bits by bits....but I wasn't there yet.

I started buying Bitcoin only, waiting to wake up one morning and just become rich....not a bad dream though. I lacked the patience to wait as I thought I would see result immediately, mind you...I don't even have up to a quarter amount of Btc but I had hope (the wrong type). You know these days, we just want to see results immediately without having to wait at all...I guess we forget that life itself doesn't always work like that.

I couldn't wait as I saw a tiny spike in the price of Btc, so I felt "yes, it is time to sell". I sold all I had managed to hold for that period of time and was "satisfied". Then something happened, I slept....that was the only thing I did....I just slept. Only to wake up to almost a double of the value that was there initially. My heart jumped, I started feeling dizzy...."what the heck!!, I mean how!!", that was me all day that day. Have you ever experienced such or is it just me lol....I even checked my balance to see if a miracle would happen but "meh", I sold it off for peanut.

The funny thing is I didn't learn with that experience, I had a couple of few more before a good friend had to teach and advise me on what I need to do. Now for beginners who just want to chip in and eat a piece of the pie you are going to loose at the end of the day. Just like life is, you need to learn.... observe and wait. Find out more about the coin you want to buy or hodl, know what you want, learn from people who are in the that same line and when you eventually do....just chill.

Don't panic over any little spike, holding on a long-term is better especially if you are just starting out and you really want to see your wallet pump. Also, you need to learn when to buy, I remember I used to buy at any given chance that I get money, irrespective of what the chart says... I just buy, which was so wrong. When you learn some of these things you would get to enjoy trading.

I'd share more on my crypto journey in subsequent stay tuned.

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Gracias! ❤

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Lol learning takes time and consistent practice, I'm sure you're closer to figuring it out than you've ever been. Cheers

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Oh definitely! Thank you 🤗

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