Tether Blacklist 39 ETH Addresses worth $46 million ?

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I came across this article today by Cointelegraph and read about it ..


No doubt these addresses were frozen due to it being identified as scam addresses however you start to wonder whats seems to be happening. I would have thought that being in a decentralized world, there should not be any room for censorship / frozen accounts as this seems to be clearly happening here and there .. not to forget the major fiasco with STEEM / HIVE as well.

Even thought the ETH addresses are not frozen however the USDT in them are frozen and this shows that the central organization which controls USDT is able to do such things.

What do you think about it ? Do you think it was right for them to do it ? No doubt it was done due to those accounts being flagged as scams/ponzi .. however what if it was a charitable organization and it was also flagged as such due to spam reporting.

I've got mixed feelings about this however would love to hear what you think about it.

Cheers all and have a great day

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Never trust a centrally issued “stable coin”

so true bro

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