How easy it is to create your very own ERC20 token in minutes

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Have you ever wondered how hard it is to create your very own ERC20 token ? Well folks ... if you don't already know this it takes you just minutes and without any code you can get it done.

If you wanna try I do suggest that you try it out on testnet first by going to your wallet and selecting testnet. Here I am using Ropsen Testnet


If you want some free ETH to try out you can grab some from this link

That should give you about 1 ETH .. sometimes 5 ETH depending on your luck. Now you are ready to be a big spender !!! Lets create your ERC20 token.

Just head on over to this link and you are literally there


Just follow the step by step and you just need to fill out a few details of your token and once you've done that ! Hey you can just pay the gas fee using the already free ETH which you have received in your testnet and you are done.


You are also able to confirm this in etherscan with how much supply you've done.

What's next ?

Well .. that is the biggest question and that requires more technical expertise. To build something really good so that it is able to gain value where people would actually use your tokens, you may need to get to know things like Solidity ( or ...

you could hire a solidity programmer/freelancer from places like here



Even though creating a ERC20 token is a piece of cake and it is really cheap, bringing value to that token you have create is what its all about. There are tons of scams out there which creates these tokens and give it all the hype with guru marketing techniques with the hopes that many will fall victim by using their real money to buy it.

This just makes these scammers live the lambo lifestyle

Where you still dream of making that big fat win while driving your 30 year old car.

(DYOR) Do Your Own Research before investing in anything

cheers and have a brilliant day !

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This is a very wonderful piece of information you have brought here. I will Keen to this and who knows, it could be useful in the future!

awesome .. glad it was useful

Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

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Awesome tutorial. Thanks for putting this together

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