Fibonacci Retracement working like clockwork

in LeoFinance4 months ago

getting it all right.JPG

Since implementing a new trade strategy using the Fibonacci Retracement, and I literally just let it run and see if its able to catch all the little pumps as I was in a short position.

The image above is the results which for me is pretty remarkable as it was able to catch all the little pumps to try to dollar cost average my position so I would be able to get out of it as and when the price dips a little. For now just by using this strategy on this pair I'm up by about 3.5% on total portfolio.

I did take a bit of a loss trying out my previous strategy however it has since then recovered and is now in the greens once more.


Here is another link which could be useful if you are interested in trying out this strategy as I found it pretty useful. I do use a lot of tools to automate my trades as crypto trading never stops and is 24/7.

Ok guys .. you all have an amazing weekend ! Cheers


Great for you. I lost some bucks to trading and since haven't tried again.

yea ... the whole idea is to try and mitigate the losses as once you can do that... then the winnings are easier and way more satisfying

Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.