Are you still Yield farming COMP ???

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Looks like the price of COMP tokens has been on a downslide from the day it got listed on Binance Futures. People who have been Yield Farming COMP tokens may start to realize that its not as profitable as it seems once they did the math. OR perhaps I'm wrong ... since there are various ways you are able to farm more then 1 token with staking your coins as collateral.

So far I do know that Cardano (ADA) has just announced Shellby and that has literally skyrocketed the price of ADA by almost 20% overnight. And also tokens like ZRX and LINK has been following suite just because they are going to be stakeable tokens as well.

More people should actually start to understand HIVE better as we have been staking out tokens from day 1 and by calculation, it does seem to be way more profitable ... but hey .. I'm pretty much bias.

Cheers all have have a great day !

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Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

I am in with a bit of BAT and by the look of it I could have used it more on Hive with Higher APR/APY and more utilities.