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It's been a while since I posted any kind of update on my city in dcity but since I hit one of my goals already I figured now was the time. Plus it's the weekend and honestly I'm just ready to chill out for two days I need a little recovery time after last week lol

I started to mess with some other games as well. I grew up on browser type games so being able to play these seriously are good times for me and I'm sure some of you can relate to that. The ones that really stuck out at me where utopia and earth 2025 browser games.


One of the new ones I started to play around with is called Crypto Brewmaster *This is a referral link so if you join through it I get some bonuses and appreciate the support thank you!
So far I've struggled a bit with that game in terms of producing a good amount of beer to actually profit but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. If anyone has some type of quick start guide though please drop it in the comments.


Alright so the dcity this is a snapshot of it currently.

I'm slowly gain sim now each day as I hit my first goal of 4,000 SIM per day in order to buy 5 cards daily.
Crime is non existent which is nice because I also have multiple that can be robbed but produce some nice bonuses.

  • 12 Casinos
  • 7 Banks
  • 3 shopping malls

Tech wise we are looking good but still a lot of room for growth there.
The city has a 18% chance to discover one each day. So far I've landed two and they where rather low ball ones. My plan is to max this to 25% asap after while I'll most likely sell off the extras.

Primarily I want to land Neural Network so I can worry about crime even less Dyson Sphere as that will greatly boost SIM payouts on my 21 Solar panels +8 on each = 168 more sim daily on those.

Starting today however I'll be making a few adjustments to the system as to how I buy and grow the city. I feel like these changes will see double the income by this time next week in which I'll update you all on when that happens.

One of my focuses has changed though and that's stocking up as much LEO and HIVE as quickly as possible. I had end of year goals of 50k LEO and 250k HIVE but based on some research I think I can max this much sooner and I'm going to start putting that into the works here this weekend.

Feel free to show off your own city!

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I am very impressed by your city! It's sprawling and sounds like a utopia with the 0 crime. The only thing I have 10 of are basic homes, immigrants, and homeless haha. Farms will be next; I have 6. Two more days until I can afford #7. My discovery chance is 1% so I just buy my techs.

There's a few different ways of playing the game. Right now I'm focusing on hitting them all but you can see on the rankings list some with 0 SIM income because they want all population just to get the HIVE bonus each day. Just depends on how you want to play it :)

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