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RE: Facebook to charge if you don't give them your data

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Imagine charging lol talk about a way to totally kill your business. They are old news and getting replaced. Days in the sun are over for Facebook but Instagram still has a lot going for it.

While I have nothing to hide which is a common answer for a lot of people. It comes down to it's your information and it shouldn't be sold. It feels moral wrong on all levels for a company to profit off your data. Let alone they leak this data all over passwords, email, phone number, address or worse!


They are not going anywhere. Many are ignorant to what the true cost of Facebook is and many just don't give a damn.

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Yes, too many people are ignorant sheep.
Even when Facebook is clearly the enemy of the cause people are advancing, they continue to use it.

I've warned people multiple times that using Facebook for groups resisting COVID tyranny is like the French Resistance publishing their membership and plans in Der Sturmer.

But they still do it!

Facebook needs to be brought down by the weight of lawsuits that will bankrupt them and destroy their immoral business model.
Its happening but the Courts move slowly.