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RE: Hive: A Flywheel Approach

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Pretty much it's the new version of the "funnel" system from a few years ago when that was created. However in this case you get those that went through the funnel to start promoting it on the back end after they have engaged with your product.

What we really need on Hive are other systems/products that do much more than just be a blogging platform and we are starting to get there. Gaming is a popular method but no fee Hive doesn't really benefit from it if anything it becomes a exit point of funds and the selling of hive however they must earn or buy the hive so it does still bring benefits in terms of liquidity and movement.


You are right. We do need to close the loop and create a circular economy where most stays within the ecosystem. As more sinks are build and use cases, hopefully we will see that unfold.

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