Hive Engine is to Exciting to Ignore! 🚂

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So lately on Hive I’ve been really focused on my stake and trying to reach dolphin status.

I’m definitely growing and it’s exciting to see my account progress each month.

Overall goal is to reach dolphin statuses, but there are big things happening on the hive engine!

And I say all that to say I’m probably gonna be dumping what little bit of rewards I get into the hive engine for a while

I’ve been focused on the longest on building my HP but the hive engine has some really nice advantages.

1) I can do a lot more with a lot less

I’ve actually been get more rewards on some of the tribal front ends than I get on hive sometimes, even though I have way more hive staked to the main chain.

It’s always nice when this happens...

2) Tribes are Focused

I think of tribes as hive communities focused on one topic, and tribe tokens as hive focused on one topic.

By post to these platforms I’m broadcasting to less people, but I’m more likely to get seen. The tribal frontends make it easy for people to find the types of vibes their looking for, and since their looking for it they’re more likely to upvote it.

That laser focused around different topics has made for a lot of cool and wildly different tribes here for you to explore as individual tribes.

2) It’s easier than ever to stake these tokens

If you’ve been on here for a while you know staking used to be a chore, but hivesigner and hivekeys have made it so easy I’d be crazy not to stake.

Newcomers just don’t know how good y’all got it right now lol

4) Platform incentivized posting

A lot of these platforms have perks for posting from their frontends. For example I think Neoxian and leofinance support with some extra upvote when posting from their front ends.

Lately I’ve been trying to post from 2-3 different frontends throughout the week to try to get some of those extra perks...

5) The Games!!!
OMG the games y’all..

I slept on the games for the longest. Don’t be like me. They’re actually way more interesting than they look at first glance, and they grow pretty quick!

But are getting the hive engine fomo as well?

Let me know in the comments!!!

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I am new to everything Hive but, I like the way you broke down your reasons for being excited about #hiveengine. Thanks for sharing!

I’m glad it helped you in your journey. I think you’re gonna like it here though man.

And seriously, don’t skip out on the games lol