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RE: Migrating fully to Synthentix L2 OVM (My experience and tips!)

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I think you still need to migrate the tokens to OVM.


Alright I was not sure I was lost or not, but now I am for sure ! haha

For a very new user of SNX, without previous staking/minting/burning of whatever.
I go to and I can stake and mint there on L2 directly right ?

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No, your Snx tokens (I assume you had those already?) are currently on L1 mainnet. They will not appear in L2 as that is a side chain.

You will need to migrate from L1 ( which will involve some ETH gas fees (no debt or reward schedule) so it probably is only the migration contract.

That will send your Snx to L2 where you can stake, mint and do whatever on the OVM side chain (L2). One way bridge at the moment and no current use for sUSD that is minted , but they are rolling everything out in stages!

L2 OVM currently only supports Metamask!

Thank yo so much for your patience ! I got it finally :)
I totally overlooked the part of bringing my SNX to the L2 side chain. I thought it was the same chain.

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No problem, good luck with the migration and enjoy L2!