The Key's to the future! SmartKey

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Smart contracts on the blockchain are the future. This isn't some 90's dot com bubble (although there will be plenty of losers). What I have been waiting for are the real use case scenario's and Smart Key is just one of the few examples of this.

"Combine physical values and assets (Blockchain Of Things) with DeFi projects operating on the Ethereum and Waves blockchain".


Yes it's easy for me to say the 'future' and there will be some 'losers', but really it's not about that at all. It's showing that the blockchain of 'things' will be saturated in our daily lives before we know it; without even knowing it. I'm not advocating to buy SmartKey just because Air Bnb is testing it. It's not as though the rental market is booming right now.

So yes I am looking to the future; but many of these 'shit-coins' will in actuality be part of many corporations and institutions. I'll be keeping an eye out on projects such as these; as future technology will be integrated into blockchains. Drones for instance will be using smart contracts perhaps for delivery.

We are still early in this space; but it is clear to see in this deflationary technocratic economy that blockchains will be written directly into new-tech. Keeping an eye out for these projects will illustrate just how many winners there may be in this space!

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