Red Waterfall!!! It's OVER!!! - NOT OVER

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Immigrants with no legal process.. Come on in! In fact take this free money while you are at it! Now you know who to vote for!



Oh shit! Double transactions in BTC FUD.. weak hands SHOOK! - Fake News

oh shit! Cryptocurrency regulation coming! - Not fake news

Throw out your cold wallets! - Fake news


I drew a support line and it's being respected! Ok like a bad hangover it's time to climb back out. Perhaps by mid-day the aspirin and water take effect. Higher lows is what I like seeing! The bear hasn't taken complete control. It's still a bull market; but there's plenty of road-bumps ahead. Watch Tether, old yeller, and other FUD. Nothing can compete with the MMT US DOLLAR!

I HODLed this sell off because again I'm kind of hedging on other currencies because the original option is just the same! Better to sprinkle lots assets and HODL some (not just trade).


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When the people find they can vote themselves money

Sounds like Hive.

To me, this is awesome.
So, we get to see a some hella good consolidation
and then $100,000 by Christmas.

The trouble is we are in an Adoption Market.
As well as a Slow Burn Collapse Market (or a Vulture Market)

Sooooo, we may all win as we have a place to stand as the floor falls out from under everyone.
Or we might win as blast off to the moon.
Or both.