NEW TRIBE *ALERT* Proof Of Brain w/ favorite media! CINETV

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I have been a part of the MANCAVE for about a year + and sometimes I get snippets of what is coming down the pike. @raymondspeaks is always buying this and that and telling us after the fact. He is also chatting away about games, media, shows etc..


So of course without letting us know what is going on behind the scenes he comes out of left field telling us about a new tribe and airdrop. BRO holders are getting new dividends every day and now we have an extra arena to get us discussing our favorite media w/tokenomics incorporated. Makes sense considering a lot of this jibberish is discussed on Discord.


Tokenomics (Because I know some of you will only read as far as this)
Initial supply: 10 Million

So why Pepe? Well we know some of our most favorite characters are getting cancelled. Perhaps we can seal our memories on the blockchain before they are completely cancelled.


Have your B-movie cult following ready!

Okay, so our tags are #cine and #cinetv - if you've got film or TV to talk about then use them. Whilst you guys are doing that we will build around you!

CINE tokens are being airdropped to BRO & LEO token holders. As this is a ManCave (Brofund) project, the majority of the airdrop will go to BRO token holders.

  • 100K CINE tokens have been airdropped to BRO token holders.
  • 35K CINE tokens will be dropped to LEO token holders later today.

The airdrop for BRO token holders has already been completed with a 149% ratio. If you owned 100 BRO you would receive roughly 149 CINE.

The airdrop for LEO token holders will happen at some point today with a 1% ratio. If you owned 100 LEO you will receive 1 CINE.

BRO & LEO holders were chosen as they represent ideal potential recipients of the airdrop. The two phase airdrop is roughly equivalent to 52 days of inflation. This number was chosen to bootstrap the community with a pretty solid initial distribution but not to overwhelm the market.

You may notice some oddities on the website as the reward pool is just starting to initialize. Over the next week these numbers should stabilize as the reward pool fills and initially distributes tokens.

One of the unique elements of CINETV tribe is the cash out period is only 5 days. This means instead of waiting 7 days for post payout, you only need to wait 5. The majority of voting is done in the first 1-2 days, and the last 4-5 days are typically just a waiting period.

If you have any questions about the airdrop or tribe, hop on the ManCave Discord and ask away.

Broken down:

1 M - Airdrops
1 M - Curation Account
2 M - Team
4 M - Bounties & Marketing
2 M - null
PoB: 95%
Beneficiary: 5% @brofund


95% Proof of Brain
47.5% Curation / 47.5% Author rewards. There will be no miners ever.


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It would be fun curating movie posts, do you have a link to the bro discord channel? I'd like to apply.

I have a decent upvote!

Sweet! I don't usually post in the category, but curating would be fun. How strict is the #cine tag?

seems to work!

My discord name is ironshield#9323

This is one of those communities that has enormous potential. Films are something everyone enjoys. There is so much good stuff to talk about since we can go back 100 years with films from the early part of the last century.

Just another reason why one wants to be involved with the BROfund.

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What can I say I got lucky. I just joined a year ago and after seeing so many people talk talk talk BRO is getting it's piece of HIVE history.

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Now I can post more stuff about movies and anime I like to see

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I love this community since most of the people like Movies & TV shows, they search a lot about them on the internet. We have tapped into a great niche. Nice one @bearbear613.

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