Markets and mish-mash of Third Wave of Retardation!

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The Wave (1981)
"The Wave is a made-for-TV movie directed by Alex Grasshoff, based on The Third Wave experiment put on by teacher Ron Jones in order to explain to his students how the German populace could accept the actions of the Nazi regime during the Second World War"

Spoiler The experiment becomes all too real

Well I'm not actually talking about THAT WAVE.. but the 3rd Wave of RONA!

Isn't it nice to be able to say almost anything you want over on the blockchain? So many of the more 'controversial' commentators on twitter, youtube, facebook, etc.. have a full list of 'keywords' they aren't allowed to utter or else the bot censorship army will come down full-blast!


I'm going to mix this post up because everything is tide together!


Now are all of these methods really necessary in the land of the 'free'? I mean I just posted censorship in 'CHINA'. But it's 'Merica and North "Merica! We have charters, we have constitutions!


It's pretty apparent that in order to sheepify 1 Billion people in China something is going right! Looks like hey if they can do it; so can we!


Now how are the markets tide together with all of this? Well for one we know it's all manufactured. That US 10 year WILL be suppressed. The stock market makes new ATH based on 'digitized' money.

Now how does this tight into the title? Yup you guessed it! The Vax is on the way but not until a 3rd Lockdown is implemented. Now I get that by 'protecting' people the economy can get back on it's feet; but destroying the economy to get people back on their feet? Sounds more insidious. I mean hey if you are starving at least you are 'protected' right?


WRONG! So here I am. I can only complain. I have buffers to help me. Good family, good friends, a business with cash reserves..

But what about all of those people who do not. What about them? Ahh fuck it the surfs have always been and always were! We just borrowed to pretend! It's funny how the Wave was produced in 1981. 1982 rings a bell as well. Decentralization is not only important it is imperative. The natural state of every human is to be a master of their environment; not humans mastering other humans. Dystopia is here to stay and the battle is real. This is what crypto MUST stand for.

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Fortunately, bitcoin is far better than anything the central banks have, and it will win.
The fight over bitcoin is just starting.

Now is the time to start getting self sufficient.
Nature itself will impede the govern-cements as they try for lockdown.

Riots will make cities unlivable, but they will also tie up all of the govern-cements attention.

Things are looking bright for those who can adapt (and have bitcoin)

I don't like how much energy it consumes. I think it's a big waste of energy.. otherwise I like it ;)

Compared to the current banking infrastructure, bitcoin is a drop in the bucket.