Continue stacking this doesn't matter! TETHER in the GREEN

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Tether.. do not get me started on Tether. I'm wondering did it get that proper audit? Can't remember but I guess it's printed sorta like fiat.

Only news I could find! Maybe someone knows more..

Well here we have it our first small correction. What goes up must come down. Where the bounce will be? Once MSM started announcing the BTC boom; I had a 'sinking' feeling. Yes 21K was always on the table depending upon sentiment and pumping. But once you lose that little bit of pump; well you know what rhymes with pump.


I was thinking I needed to move my Litecoin just to see if Hive was going up.. it was going up temporarily but then it joined it's friends in Red. So what do I do? I remove the thought of loss as my primary objective is to continue to stack.

It's fair tomorrow the trend downward could reverse but sometimes when I see RED it is waterfalls when you have day's up for a long time. I'm staying positive no matter what as I just want to STACK and trade in SAT's.

The Great Reset is going to suck! Communist AI revolution? Great mind playing with Mr Gammon. I'm hearing a lot about this great reset in 2030. Dystopian science fiction can easily come true. We know that science fiction has much of the time become science fact.


So if this means I can gain some more autonomy; I will stack it no matter what color it is. RED, GREEN, GOLD, SILVER, Crypto! If anything these crazy pumps in BTC / alts teaches us that things can change at any time. It's probably better to be prepared than not. You could take a gander and get your dry powder ready and catch this on a slight bottom and ride up with a bounce. But just remember, Tether can help or hinder you at any moment. I suspect the audit will go on for some time!

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