Real Estate Investment #1 - Solid and stable, but expensive...

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They are solid and stable, in addition to the possibility of producing income, but on the other hand, you need a huge part of your assets to buy one (unless you are a millionaire), they have low liquidity and high maintenance costs when not rented.


The biggest problem with real estate is that most do not know how to deal with them, do not know the investment.

Many people read the bullshit that investment analysts say and then either give up altogether, missing another opportunity for diversification and solidity or buy without knowing what they are doing and end up compromising their return.

Real estate like any other investment, has advantages and disadvantages, can be good or bad.

First of all, one must understand the difference between owning a home and investing in real estate.

Homeownership can be an investment as well and in fact, it is, but the motivation for buying is not purely financial and should not be.

There is no rule here and there is no better.

If homeownership is an instrument that brings happiness to the family, great, after all this is the primary objective of having money.

Images: PixBay & Research source: Bastter

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Very nice!

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