Only work makes you rich!

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The whole basis of enrichment comes from his work and the income he produces, so that's where the main focus should be.


Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but the exception is the donkey example. So-and-so got rich in the lottery, so what? It doesn't change anything that among the things you have mastery, only what enriches is the work and the application of the income from it on valuable assets.

The size of the capital contribution is a fundamental factor in enrichment and it is your domain to work harder and better to be able to contribute more, without going crazy, and stop living life.

Staying at home in front of the monitor making money in the financial market to pay the bills is just an illusion that always works for a period, but in the end, it destroys families, as this ends up being an addiction like any other.

We must invest in a simple and quite diversified way in basic assets (Stocks, Reits, Real Estate, Treasury Bonds, etc) so that we can dedicate ourselves to our training and to the work that is precisely what can enrich us.

It is important to have an open mind for changes and realize that having only one job, public or private, whatever, is an increasingly insecure situation and increasingly difficult to provide enough to accumulate equity and reach financial tranquility.

Create a secondary activity. Start slowly, without getting into debt, and start learning and growing. Do better than others, be special, serve customers like no one else. Only these will survive. And produce, serve, or sell something essential, even for a niche.

Something related to work and that we should not deceive ourselves anymore is retirement. It worked for a while, but it's a thing of the past. Build your retirement yourself, don't count on anything from the government.

All money is yours only if you have access and can use it whenever you want. Money in the hands of others; pension funds, governments, social security, etc. It's not yours, don't count on it.

There are cases and more cases all the time of retirees who are running out of nothing, so you need to learn to invest and manage your assets for yourself.


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I agree 100%.

I would read this a 20 years ago... But never is later to learn and practices this idea! I appreciate your approach on the topic! Thanks!