Investing in the Stock Exchange?

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The return of being a partner in good companies in the long term tends to be extraordinary and to contribute significantly to increase equity and financial tranquility.


But for that, it is necessary to understand well the concept of being a partner. Don't buy a paper, don't fall into the illusion of making a trade, don't try to win in the price variation.

Become a partner in good companies that allows you to benefit from growth and/or profit-sharing.

We do not have a paper, some stocks bought from X, we have a stake in a company as a partner.

It is essential to make this distinction and understand this to succeed and increase your assets.

When you understand that you are a partner you stop focusing on the price and focus on the quality of the company.

The focus on the price, on profitability, will invariably lead to the sale in a panic when the stock market and shares collapse.


To be a partner for many, many years, buying as a partner has no deadline, you have to accept that there will be periods of fall, some very intense and long.

As long as companies remain good doesn't make any difference. It doesn't mean increasing profits every quarter, this is an illusion. Every company eventually goes through some difficulty which does not make it bad.

The focus on prices makes the company considered bad in the fall periods, leaving them and turning the equity without having the extraordinary gains that being a partner in good companies provides.


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