Get away from the Flock

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The flock enters the investments thinking that they were created magically simply to put money in the pocket of amateurs.

This vast majority think that the way to earn this easy money is to guess the future, or to follow tips from analysts who are supposed to have this crystal ball.

The vast majority of small investors lose money on the stock exchange. If you do the same thing that the vast majority do, and say the same thing that the majority say, why would your result be different?


The investments, mainly the stock exchange, are intended to remunerate capital. And the only way to raise capital is through your work.

In every investment, the returns correspond to the risks. When you go after large amounts of easy money, the risk will also be immense. That is why most lose and never manage to accumulate wealth.

Stay away from the herd, stop watching news and learn to study for yourself and understand what it is like to invest in Value.

Respect the hard-earned money you earn by working and learn to invest in a portfolio of diversified value to remunerate your capital in the long run. Welcome to

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Without flocks there wouldn't be boom and bust cycles. We should be thankful for them.

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Yes, the herds are almost always right, but when they are wrong the price for following them is huge. Thanks for commenting.

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