Beginner's Script

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How nice. You arrived at!

The main objective of this script is to teach the first steps in investments.

Investments available to individuals, and helping them to study these modalities so that they can, in a simple way, invest with quality and dedicate their free time to the things that matter in life.


Since the beginning of life, we have heard phrases such as “Those who save do not enjoy life”, “so-and-so lost everything in stocks”, “you have to be rich to invest”, “now is the time for fixed income”, “so that I will save money if I am going to die and take nothing? ”and many thousands of similar ones.

These are the pillars of the Bastter Philosophy of Accumulating Patrimony.

It is possible to live better through financial education!

Wealth comes only through:

  • Study;

  • Job;

  • Savings: Accumulate in VALUE;

  • VALUE investment time


Images: PixBay & Research source: Bastter

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