We need more investors from the FIAT world

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We keep introducing many projects and tokens inside the Hive ecosystem which is very great. But most of these tokens and projects are only rotating the funds inside the Hive ecosystem. Good thing is that we are also trying to integrate Hive with other chains as well, creating room for new opportunities. The real value of Hive grows only if there is more adoption from the FIAT world. People should start spending their FIAT to purchase Hive tokens. That's how Hive will be evenly distributed and value would increase.


I'm already very happy with the current Hive price. We are able to see a considerable push in the price of Hive. We have to remember something that it is not just Hive that is pumping right now. STEEM is also at 60 cents today and there are many altcoins showing good signs of the pump. I see this as a pump only because of the price of BTC or a general market pump.

With respect to Hive, I think we still need lots of investors. We currently have more supply than demand. The number of tokens that are being produced every day is not in line with the number of new investors we are bringing into Hive. The funds of the existing holders would increase but that will not help the price because there would be lots of people dumping their tokens in the market.

Hive should have lots of FOMO moments

Many crypto projects are usually successful by creating a FOMO regularly. FOMO always attracts people and brings more investors into the ecosystem. With the recent announcement of CUB finance, many people entered the DeFi world even though they did not understand what this is all about. I was also someone who was hesitant to understand what this DeFi is all about but because of the opportunity CUB Finance gave us, I was able to explore this and invest a little into CUB farming and staking.


Similar to CUB and what the LEO community is doing already, we will need a lot more projects on Hive that bring FOMO among investors. We have to start attracting many investors from the outside world. I guess Hive is already more like a Platform to build apps than just a community. The strength of the platform is proved when we have more successful opportunities here.

I think the Hive ecosystem already has some good features that many other blockchains are still struggling to achieve. Though Hive Engine is not fully decentralized, we do have a wonderful capability to create our smart media tokens and distribute them to the users who participate. That is how LEO has been very successful here on Hive.

Bring your friends from the FIAT world

I was thinking of talking to some of my friends here and ask them to invest in this for the future. In my experience, if I ask them to understand what Hive is all about, it will not work out. I have failed multiple times to explain this to people. But I think if I can make them invest a little and show them proof that this system works, that will grab more attention from them than looking for their attention at the first sight itself.



I may not spend lots of energy on people explaining about Hive because it is still not very easy for many people here to understand. But to start with, I'm going to target people who are good at content writing and make them join here or contribute in the form of writing and slowly bring them inside. The more diversified the funds are the better for the platform.

You can also talk to some of your friends about Hive and what it is capable of. Who knows, in the future, there is also a possibility that many big companies and even government bodies can adopt Hive for their activities. Anything can happen in the crypto world.

Be glad that we are still one of the early investors.

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You are absolutely right @bala41288, we need more adoption of we want price to rise. Interoperability among chains will help us reach other Crypto communities but mass adoption demand FIAT users to come onboard. HIVE has a long way to.

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The sad thing is that even though the use case of Hive is highly visible to people, people are hesitant to give it a try. I keep talking to many folks in the FIAT world but they are hesitant. Maybe the onboarding is not that easy.

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Maybe you are right. Even I find it hard to convince people to at least make an account here. There is one more thing, even if we onboard people, it's going to be very hard to retain them for a very long period of time. They tend to go away if they do not see their account grow quickly.

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I'm also trying to convince people around me. I was successful in convincing 2 to create a hive account. I never went on posting or explore more. the other also after an intro post didn't cared really much. It is hard to convince people. I hope everyone of our effort will contribute towards the bigger goal. :)

I have wasted several hours talking to so many people. The way they listen, it will be as if they are going to invest so much money here and start their journey the next day itself but all my talking would go waste. I then stopped talking to people about this. It would take many more years for people to understand and adopt this chain.

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HIVE will have its hype cycle for sure. We haven't been there yet. I've tried to bring some of my friends in here, but so far no success.

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Yes, we all share the same failure stories. I don't have even a single real-life friend in here.

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