My Teamshare account rewards in the last season

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For the past two seasons, I have stopped playing splinterlands completely due to time management issues. Not just splinterlands but I also stopped and reduced playing so many games. But I did not sell all my cards and close off my splinterlands account. I initially thought of doing it but then I thought it would be good to leave it to Team Share.



For those who don't know Team Share, it is a facility where we can delegate our cards to a TS account as the card owner and hire a player who would be interested to play our TS account. The good thing here is that the owner need not spend any time playing the game. The player will take care of the playing and the rewards gained from playing would be split among the player and the owner in a 50/50 ratio. It is an agreement between the players and the owners to either have it as 50/50 or even a different ratio.

My Team share account stats

I'm glad to share my team share stats for the previous season. I initially thought that I should be writing some code to calculate my earnings but then I found a handy tool on to view the stats of TS account. It was pretty interesting to observe how much the account is earning and I'm also glad that I'm able to quickly generate some passive income for the investment I made on Splinterlands. Especially the summoners were a costly investment.


Team Share is a facility that distributes the rewards between the players and the owners. The card burn value is what is distributed to the players and owners. I personally feel that last season's rewards were very great. I did not go and check what rewards I got but I noticed a credit of 5000 DEC someday. Overall about 10,000 DEC in the last season is a great thing.


I quickly went to check how much 10000 DEC is worth. 69 Hive is a decent value. If Hive price hits 20 cents then the value is more than 10 $ per month. I understand that it may not be the case every month but a decent value of 10$ per month is definitely a great thing. I'm also planning to invest a little more and increase the power of my account to make it easier for the player.

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