Made around 10$ with quick trading

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You might think 10$ may not even be reasonable money from trading to write an article or describe this. But I have to say that it is definitely a big thing for me. But if I had done that with a good volume, maybe my profit would have been a lot better. I have never been a good trader from the beginning. I failed big time in trading. I usually invest at the wrong time and exit at a bad time. But I wanted to see some good fortune even in that. For the past one or two months I have been trying really hard to do some good trading. I did successful trading when Hive was lunched. After that, I have been observing the market watching the price and looking for some good opportunity to trade and get some quick bucks.


I have to tell that today the market was a bit favorable towards me. For the past one week, after Bittrex introduced the USD-HIVE pair, I have been observing the price very closely. In order to do some trading, I did move my 300 hive to the exchange wallet. You would have seen an article from me about that a few days back. After moving my hive to the market I sold it for 40 cents. The same day I had the opportunity to buy them back for 36 cents which were a very good deal. But I thought 35 cents would be best to purchase and I was just waiting for it.

Days passed and the price never came below 36 cents and I also noticed that there was no big movement in the market in terms of the price or even quantity of trading. I should say that it was indeed a flat market. Today just to be a little curious about trading, I thought I will just buy Hive back for 37 cents and placed a buy order. I made around 23 Hive extra by doing this purchase. This was indeed easy trading I should say. But it drained me a little bit as I had to observe the market frequently and look if the price hit the buy order and sell order. I don't know how many people have the patience for that. I'm going to be trying this again later.

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Good progress,though it's better to know that trader should not be greedy.

Lol ya a trader should never be greedy and if they are greedy they should be ready to face the consequences. Sometimes it becomes human nature. What to do 😉 😀

Yes it's a human nature, that's what I am trying not to be greedy.

Ha ha ha 😀

Hahaha, I know how it feels to wait for a trade to hit. It can be tiring.

But when it hits, it is definitely a good feeling. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

Every cent counts when it comes to trading, it simply depends on the leverage used. I like to to trade, but I share similar sentiments with you. The wait always seem so long, probably why some opt to be day traders. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Thank you so much for your comments. Every cent counts if we are going to get a profit margin. Wait should be fine if it is going to end fruitful. 🙂

It's still a great pick 👍
Very little every day adds up to big numbers.

Yes that is definitely true. With big numbers comes big risks as well if not assessed properly. So, small numbers and taking it slower is always good. Thanks for the comments.

  • 10$ here Cheers Bro😜

Thanks bro.