Earned 50$ from Crypto.com for joining

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Yes, you can also join the website with my referral code to get 50$ for free. Read further to know more details.

My Referral Code: m26ma2crrf

For the past 3 days, I have been exploring and learning about Crypto.com. It is all because @underground introduced me to that. For a long time, I was looking for a crypto platform that would give me some returns for just holding tokens. I'm sure there are many such platforms but I'm lazy to explore them. When I was talking about staking rewards, @underground mentioned about crypto.com.


At first, it was all Greek and Latin to me and I did not understand so much about this platform. I joined with @underground's referral code so that I get 50$ for joining and he gets 50$ for referring. The main intention for me was to stake the tokens I hold for the long term and get some profit out of it. I currently hold lots of tokens in the exchanges. Most of these tokens can take a very long time to pump or reach a point where I can sell them. For example, I had Ripple holding for the long term. When I bought Ripple the price was 2 $ and now the price of Ripple is not even 30 cents and it would take lots of time for it to reach my bought price.

So back to the story, I joined Crypto.com with his referral code and I had to first do my KYC to sign up. There was no web version but only a mobile version of the app. After doing KYC, it was approved in just a few hours. I had to then set a 6 digit pin in the app and log in. I was navigating through the application and some of the options were not very clear. The 50$ worth CRO tokens were credited to me but it was locked. I couldn't claim those tokens.

Then after reading about it, I found out that I had to purchase 1000 CRO tokens which were worth 150 $ (on that day) and stake them for a period of 180 days to claim my joining reward of 50 $. I was fully confused to first understand if this site was legit or not. Investing 150 dollars to get 50 dollars shouldn't be a problem but I wanted to know if my funds will be safe or not. That is when I started reading and exploring more about the website.


I asked a few people about the website and got some mixed reviews. Some people had a very bad experience and some people had a great experience with this website. I personally admire this rewarding model where they give 50 dollars for a referral to both the parties. It kind of looks like MLM to me and a concrete business model.

Finally decided to enter

I was initially confused about whether to invest and claim the 50$ or just leave it. Yesterday I finally decided that I'm going for it. I went to Bittrex and sold all my holdings and converted them to XLM. There is a reason why I did that. I initially bought CRO tokens directly on Bittrex and thought I can transfer them to my Crypto.com wallet but the fees were huge. I was losing almost 50 CRO tokens in the transfer. Then I sold the CRO tokens that I bought and instead bought XLM tokens as the transfer fee was very minimal.

I sold my XRP holdings and Litecoin yesterday and converted everything to XLM. I then moved around 5000 XLM tokens to crypto.com wallet. After transferring I did not sell them immediately or convert them to CRO tokens there. The reason was that after selling the price pumped and it was not a good deal to buy them back immediately. Today morning I woke up to see the price increase a little making it a good deal for me to purchase CRO tokens.


I then purchased 1000 CRO tokens and staked them to claim the 50$ joining reward. After that, I also bought back XRP on Crypto.com and deposited it to earn some interest from it. I'm currently holding the remaining CRO tokens to do something good in the future.


They also give decent interest rates for deposits. That's why I decided to deposit my XRP there for some little profits. Anyways having that on Bittrex is not going to give me anything.

If you feel like investing or joining crypto.com, feel free to use my referral code so that we both can get 50$.

My Referral Code: m26ma2crrf

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haha NO YOU MUST use MY referal link http://crypto.ackza.org hahah

I found a glitch to confuse the ceypro.com staking and swap and i already spent my bonus as cash at an atm somehow lol so there is a way to even spend that money

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

Cool app... I use it also 👌👌

Nice. 👌

haha NO YOU MUST use MY referal link http://crypto.ackza.org hahah

I found a glitch to confuse the ceypro.com staking and swap and i already spent my bonus as cash at an atm somehow lol so there is a way to even spend that money

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

Ah man great. Underground gave me his referral before you. Good that you found some tricks. 😉

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