CRO token value going down

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It's been nearly a month since I invested in CRO tokens. I have been watching the price since then. It is quite sad now to see the price slowly going down. The coin team recently reduced the incentive they give for referrals. It used to be 50$ for anyone who joins with a referral. @underground introduced me to and after long thoughts, I wanted to give it a try.

I had to spend around 170$ initially to stake CRO and claim my referral rewards. Since then there has been a little decline in the price of CRO. Around August when the price was at a peak, I did all these activities. Since then it has reduced a lot. One good thing is that Bitcoin is also increasing in value. But that should only reduce the BTC equivalent value.

One of my friends recently asked me about investing in CRO tokens. But I did not give him a green signal especially after seeing the price declining slowly. I was initially thinking that a reduction in referral rewards from 50$ to 25$ could be the reason but it shouldn't decline the price by this much.

The main reason why I got into was to deposit my XRP and get a weekly income from it. That is going well so far. Compared to other deposit schemes, I guess gives a decent return for investment for a few coins. They also give an 18% return for depositing CRO tokens. I thought of doing it but they have a minimum limit for that. So, I didn't go for it.

I'm not going to do anything about this decline in the price but yeah I'm going to be watching this and see how low it can go. If there is a good opportunity in the future where the price increases, I will sell them and make some profit or at least exit.

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@bala41288, Recently heard lot about Sounds like quite a space. Stay blessed.

Thanks for the comments.


well i bought some $cro over the last 3 weeks and have seen a steady decline in price which isn't encouraging. I have no need for it now i would just wait and buy some more. They offer various incentives to hold and buy their coin i have gut feeling it might speak during the first quarter of next year

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Yeah thanks for the optimistic hope. I also see no point in selling the tokens now. Hope the price recovers back.

#CRO project it looks promising!
I’ve been using it to buy crypto with my cards!
They have fast transactions and cheep fees I think 🤔
Mobile app is easy to use!
And they have a web exchange as well.

They don't have a web interface if I'm not wrong. Do you know why the price of the token is falling now?

They do have a web exchange...
No I don’t know why the price is going down...

Oh I didn't know that. That's nice. Some people see this as a buying opportunity.

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They had some different token before that was used as the main currency at And if I remember well, its price was declined as CRO is now... and then they swapped all those coins to CRO...

I see a pattern there, but I don't want to sound too pessimistic...

Yes true. I also thought about that. They initially had a different token and all the members were forced to swap to CRO. Hope this is not a scam pattern they are following. 😀 !BEER

I don't how to analyze CDC. It sounds promising with all these crypto visa cards. I am tempted and have been looking to enter. But, the price is steadily going down and not sure what to expect from it. I am still mourning why I bought Hive when they were that high :P

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I also have the same feeling. I have invested so much into Hive recently. At least if it gets back to 20 cents again, I will be able to free up some of my holdings.

By the way, if you would like to get started with CDC, please feel free to use my referral.

My Referral Code: m26ma2crrf

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