Coinmarketcap has delisted Hive

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Coinmarketcap is one of the websites that is widely used to check the trend, market cap, and other information about a cryptocurrency. I usually go there to check the current ranking of some of the coins I hold or I watch. I'm not sure if that data is correct or intact but checking that regularly helps in planning my investment and also to be on top of things happening in the crypto world. Today to my surprised, I was unable to find Hive on Coinmarketcap. For a second I was wondering if it was ever listed there or not but I remembered it very well that Hive was part of the list. Now I'm not sure what went wrong and why they have delisted Hive.

I also noticed that Steem as also not part of the list. Usually, it happens to be a nice place to go and check the market cap and the price changes that happen for a particular currency. I'm not sure what made them delist Hive.


I guess many people have stopped using Coinmarketcap long back to check this information. For people who are looking for an alternative to check the ranking of coins based on the market cap and other details. Coingecko is a good alternative. It provides a lot more information than Coinmarketcap.


I quickly checked the website and noticed that Coingecko has listed both Hive as well as HBD. I don't regularly use this website but I have heard about this and even I have been using this in one of my apps to get the price of some of my coins. I don't know but for some reason, I was used to Coinmarketcap more than Coingecko. Now after this, I guess Coingecko would be my first place to visit to check the ranking and other interesting stuff about cryptos. I have to commend that Coingecko provides a good API for developers to get realtime prices of cryptos.

Due to the low market cap, Hive is currently at the 147th position on the website. I still remember seeing hive below 50 on the rank list. I hope good times will start again for Hive and soon it will come back to the top 50 again.

For those who are reading this article and would like to invest in Hive, this is not financial advice but Hive is at an attractive price right now. It is indeed a great opportunity to purchase and accumulate some Hive now to make a nice profit in the future. There are more and more dApps and games emerging out of Hive blockchain now and then making it one of the most used Blockchains with better use cases.

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Not delisted. The binance guys are touching some things and this problem is also happening with more coins, that's all I guess.

Nothing to worry IMHO.

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Oh thanks, I didn't know that. I couldn't find it via search. But anyway now I find coingecko as a good alternative as well. :) Cheers! !BEER

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You're welcome

Pd. nos entendemos en español o no?

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Thanks for reply

I guess we need to move to CoinGecko. Coinmarketcap is out!!!

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Yes true. Looks like cryptocompare is also another good option. 🙂

I hate coin market cRap for token prices. I haven’t used that site in months. I stick to coin gecko, given that they are here in the community with us and was a former witness on Steem. I might check out the other site someone recommended to see what the differences are but I’ll give coin gecko my business and clicks.

Oh I never knew they were a former witness. Now I understand why people were tagging Coingecko here. Nice. Yeah I have also stopped checking CMC and I guess Coingecko and cryptocompare is the way forward. 🙂

Yeah it was cool that they ran a witness! It was a top 50 witness too. Once we forked to hive this year they shut their witness down sadly.

Oh, that's sad. Hope they are not Steem supporters 😉

I watch coin gecko, but my favourite site is crypto compare

Wow thanks for sharing. The user interface looks pretty neat. I will use this going forward.

!BEER Cheers!

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well all the orginal team of CMC have walked away since being bought over by Binance because of all the fuckery going on on the website, I know its big and normies use it but I don't use CMC for ages now

That's nice. Time to look for better alternatives. 🙂

Thanks. Someone gave me a link. But also found that many others also hate CMC. 😀

I don't like CMC, but it is still there..

Nice noticed it. Thanks. 🙂

Thanks for sharing info

hey big brother it back in


Yes I found it from another comment bro. But still CMC is not an option anymore. Switching to Coingecko and cryptocompare is the option. 🙂

ok Bade bhai sounds good to me.