An opportunity to earn more Hive tokens

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As we all know the price of Steem and Hive are not very stable. A week before the price of the Hive was way ahead of Steem. But, yesterday there was a huge dumping event that happened and the price was brought to as low as 1200 Satoshi per Hive token. Now the price is around 1600 and it is very stable. I got a chance to purchase Hive tokens for 1600 Satoshi today. Even though this happened to Hive tokens, Steem is looking good and stable. I have been trying hard to use this as an opportunity to trade some tokens in the market. But as always trading gives me a tough time.


I did manage to purchase some Hive with the BTC holdings that I had with me. I have around 800 Hive tokens in my Bittrex wallet now waiting for a good opportunity to get sold. I'm not planning to bring them to my Hive wallet or power-up. That is not my intention at least for now. To be honest, I have lost lots of money in crypto and at the same time I have also spent some good load of time and money on crypto platforms, it will not be fair if I get out of here without gaining anything. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to try my luck with trading.

Why is it a good opportunity to earn Hive?

As we all know when the price of Hive falls down and goes below a threshold, the rewards are printed in the form of Hive tokens instead of HBD. This is the common way how things worked even on steem. Considering the price of Hive tokens HBD for on supply for the past two weeks. Now that the price has fallen heavily, Hive is coming into supply. This is actually something that is in my to-learn list. I have to seriously read some technical details as to why this is happening. My wallet holdings look nice already and I'm working hard to increase them slowly as I progress.


But from a common man's perspective, I have to say that this is one of the best opportunities for us to earn some good load of Hive tokens by contributing posts. The rewards are calculated based on the stake the voter has. If we get a high dollar vote from someone the conversion will be very low and that will end up giving more Hive as rewards for a post. I still remember days, when Steem used to be over 5$ and the post rewards, were like 1$ and I won't even get a full Steem for those rewards. Those days are gone. I wish now that happens with Hive.

If the value of Hive increases I don't mind getting fewer rewards from the post payout. But for now, I would say that it is a good opportunity to grab more Hive as a payout from post rewards. Most of the time when the value of these crypto reduces people will refrain from using the platform but in our case, I guess this is the right time to use the platform because there will be a lot of Hive on supply giving us more opportunity to earn why posting contents here.

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Yeah obviously we are right now it's time to get some hive reward in the form of post reward

Yes we have to write more articles to grab them. 😀