We Never Learn

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Well, at this point I tend to see some importance of school. In a basic floor terms, I've always believed that we could actually do without school, education doesn't really mean one has to go to the dumb building structure, that we as kids, believed was trynna take away our happiness in first years. But then, they are just some certain levels and standards that can't be implemented in private education.

Example, the act of learning in the comfort of your home, obviously a lot of distractions will play in, just as home lessons are mostly a waste of money and time. In school, kids are disciplined, taught how to make decisions on their own, though with guidance they have to submit to. But at home, a kid could easily tell you "fuck it" am going to bed.

Are You Sleeping On The Dip? Throwing It All Away?

I finna really stop preaching bitcoin, trust me, I am also as bored out reading contents with this same focus as you are. But can content creators help it? It seems "we never learn" so far. I finna really head out of my home, hit to the grocery store, buy a couple of things, pay in crypto, take a picture or two, come back home, write a full blog post about my spendings so far, publish it on Leofinance, jump on our micro blog, post a picture of my dog eating up my snacks that cost me a lot, I mean you all get that right?

No more sharing of lame old charts, trynna teach you history over and over again, I mean it's all already old and it's getting older, why don't we learn? We should already be conversant with how things in the markets operate.

Of late, I've really not cared what is going on anywhere, I've just been focused on my new priorities, had to discover today that bitcoin was dipping the entire market, again, so I should probably run over and sell at the button? Right?


Take a sit let's get back to class, again, we've come a long way, right from when I was crawling, the revolution that will change the world for a temporary betterment, you know, just before we all stop existing. It has been worked upon night to night, grew from a Zero dollar Market Cap to a Trillion Dollar Cap, come on that's Bastard Money we are looking at… You think it's still a Joke? You're choking if so.

I wanna see days where bitcoin would be dumping and all we'd be doing here is post dogs pictures not caring, I mean I really need leo micro blog, I'd be taking videos of dogs Nutting all out, hehe. I thought we had all grown from being kids to adults in this space. We really don't need content creators telling us every single time that we should be buying the dip? Or never to sell back to tether during a dump, I mean that's dumb to even think about, hold those fuckin bags you scaredy ass...

It's Part Of Growing Up.

Just as in the real world, age really doesn't grant maturity, but human sensible manners and discipline levels do. The amount of knowledge we could let sink in us, let it groom us, Living by its discipline is just what shows that we understand this evolution and where it is taking us to. Being pegged to the dollar is really frustrating to me, because we keep the "dollar mindset" and that only shows how much we still possibly value the Fiat currency. I want out of this mess, I don't wanna be pegged to shit notes, I want my portfolio deriving it's value from something else, I want to grow up, I want to learn, I want to stop preaching, I want a more stable stance.

Screw Volatility, all I see is Opportunities, but we just never learn.

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Leo MicroBlog. Yeah, whatever happened to that venture? I imagine it would have been similar to Dbuzz, but specific to finance, yes? Odd if you ask me, but I am definitely willing to try it.

I like to take a break, re-evaluate what I'm doing to see if there's a better way. Then come back for a couple of months before re-evaluating again. If I don't find something new or better, then I continue on with content. Hopefully, life doesn't get in the way. Sometimes, it's inevitable.

It appears like the same content just gets shuffled around. I don't know that we can help it.

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I don't know how leo micro blog will be, but on the content matter, we're hitting at the same angle.

It sometimes feels like we just paraphrase our old works for more rewards. That's why it's easier to find juicier contents on green days than on red days. It's always one preaching or the other on how to HODL.

Don't get me wrong, we somewhat need it, but am sure curators are already bored out, so if a kid doesn't wanna learn quickly at home, we send him to school 😅

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So far, for me, I've been focusing mostly on STEM and Environmental Impacts. I've delved into crime and philosophy regarding faith in humanity. I'm about to write my first sports-related article, but that one starts with an overview. Later articles descend into the madness of sports.

I've written for LeoFinance, but honestly, I don't know that it's my cup of tea unless it's STEM-related. POB, however, is a concept I can roll with. Currently, no topics are taboo and that's nice to see.

Whatever your issues with the platform, as they are clearly legitimate, there's never a shortage of topics. I look for new stuff to curate though I find myself reading a lot of recycled material with updated headings. I don't know that this is unavoidable.

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Although we know the truth, human psychology is a queer. Tends to buy things that have risen / risen. The ones that fall tend to sell. The aim is to profit, but the result is often a loss 😀

It's that Sad Truth 😔

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I’m sleeping on the dip, I’m out of fiat, I’ve been out of fiat about 5dips ago, people say, take profits when the markets are high, but I think ‘high’ is relative, is 10$ profit enough high for someone to take profit from? Maybe I’m only greedy, but it’s got me this far.,,,...I’m not sure I care much about the amount of zeros behind my account, as long as I can afford the basic things I need I think I’m okay

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So far you're good, one doesn't have to buy at every dip, what is only silly is selling at the bottom, it's just a dumb move, and I thought we've all grown pass that fear mindset.

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