Time Is Running Out For Fiat Currency!

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I can see so many tables spinning of late, that in the midst of blood spillage, there's still some sort of mechanism easing breathing and extending the lifespan of the entire space. Crypto attacks had been rolling in for a couple of weeks, leading to huge amounts of money withdrawn from the network, but freaky freaky, those who fomoed out, are just liable to fomo back in, just wait.

Sure, when things of this nature happen, everyone gets excited, but I'll try, I mean everyone should try as much as possible not to get overly confident and be on the look out for wrong sources making entries, I mean we've already been played once, and we just can't let that continue.


The Flaws are meeting its end!

For years, e-commerce, e-marketing, internet trade, whatever you wanna call it has really made no sense. The form of research was recreated when the internet was introduced. In the past, when someone needs to get more informations and widen his/her knowledge, there comes in a need to travel distance to get it, an involvement of too much physical efforts, purchase of books, lots and lots of tools, just for the sake of getting those puzzles together, thereby acquiring the dreaded knowledge, it was that complex. I believe the writers of books with physical copies made a lot of money from their work. Because instead of traveling the miles, people adopted the act of reading books written by others who've been on these trips and have the back knowledge of possibly anything. It made sense, books earned exposure, but then, the internet made it much easier. Instead of causing deforestation just to print more papers to cover all this information, why not build a website or a blog and just hang it up there? That way, people can sit at the comfort of their home and learn, and in form pay you as they click through

Smart right? It was revolutionary, and it still is!

The internet is a great tool, people believe that it prompts so many lazy results the world is getting in most sectors but I say no! There's more to it! The internet has actually helped reduce a lot of things like road accidents. If everyone were still stuck in the habits of traveling around the world for research, what do you think would happen? Imagine having 10× the population you see on the road everyday on the road at the same time? It will be congested and everyone's attention could barely be fed.

That said, Fiat is the only flaw the system still has, and cryptocurrency is set to make e-commerce more meaningful and matured!

I suppose everyone knows that e-commerce stands for electronic commerce? Cool. So, if it's electronic, why do we still have to use currencies with physical copies? Fiat printing is contributing to deforestation, the more trees we take down to print fiat, the more harm we're doing to the atmosphere but sadly nobody is noticing that factor.

El Salvador passing Bitcoin as a legal tether is good news. No more feeling obligated to convert into Fiat before trade can be done, even e-trade which is dumb how an internet money can't be directed trade on the internet it calls its home. But lucky for them, something possibly great is cooking up there. So I say from this, time is running out for fiat…!

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I thin when BTC was first created a lot of people had their eyes on ecommerce. It is too bad that it has bee this long and it still isn't as fully integrated as it could be. The two really do go hand in hand and we should have been able to but stuff with BTC before we were ever even introduced to PayPal!

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Yeah, time is running out for fiat, but it still has a lot of time on its hands. The regulators are not chilling. El Salvador has made a huge step, we only hope the hundreds of other countries around the world follow suit but that's unlikely.

We still hope though, all we can do is hope.

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