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RE: 3 Ways to get Free Tendies in Crypto

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That stop loss is shit in Crypto. Although I don't entirely agree to your points, but I stand on holding to zero, Altseason is gonna be fire and all this paper hands shortselling in the name of trading and cutting profits goan regret it, virtualizing thousands of dollars for diamond hands.

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Nothing wrong with taking profits. Road Bitcoin from 20k all the way to 3k and other alts from all-time highs to lows as well.

Much rather take profit and buy back in at a lower price, or take profit and move money into something I don't own or hasn't pumped yet, but everyone has their own strategy to make them rich.

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Taking profits is good yes, but most of them taking it by panic selling thinking it will dump, that's why they use the stop loss in the first place, They believe it may dump, and that's the Retard. If you don't trust a project then you shouldn't even hop on it in the first place for minor 0.5 - 1% profits, real shit though. Exactly what happened during the surprising BTT bull run, lots of people dumped at ×2 and it soared 400% high, so much loss.

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