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RE: When Money Is Cheap Idiots Become Entrepreneurs

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We can blame "the connection" and absolute perfection on "advertisements" for poor ideas controlling more cash in the business sector.

It's crazy how of the late, satisfying the costumers is barely top 5 of a company's vision, and investors really don't care about that, it's just all about the possible profits ahead.

As humans, we get overly excited about every new shit, and that has caused all the imbalance in the system, whereas instead of people seeking better projects to build, they go in search of what will hit the temporary trend and earn them a bank to smile at.

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Absolutely, the more I look at the more I see it as central bank money laundering and handing money to friends. The "business" is just a vehicle to obfuscate the capital flows, so normies see a business, and those on the inner circle pocket shares, bonuses and salaries from borrowed/printed money and the salaried workers think they adding value because they measure their value by their salary and not the profit of the company or production of the company

It's a simulation of business, not business itself

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