Never Be The "I Wish" Guy - BCH case Scenario

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We all most times find ourselves sitting on those old ways of living life and that's just basically based on regrets of every single opportunity missed.

The truth is, opportunities will not open up their mouths to say Hey, here I am. You'd have to realize it yourself, and in this space where everyone has a choice to decide where he wants to be and invest, it's really a dumb thing to always say "I Wish" at every new peak you spot on a project you may have missed, maybe based on not taking smart moves towards it, or you were just out away chasing short term profits.

Don't get me wrong, I do understand the idea of chasing green candles, if you're lucky enough to enter early on them, you could make a couple of bucks and your day will feel fulfilled. But we're talking about a bull market that has been forecast numerous times that it's likely to be one we've never experienced before. In times like this, it should be a prime factor to get a couple of bags filled with real time potential coins with relevant use cases. Reason being that the chances are, they'll have most of the bright spotlight on them. Always ending up being the "I Wish" Guy really gives no credit to one's reputation, it only shows how short term focused most of the newbie investors in this space are.

In BCH case Scenario…

I could remember the first and most heaviest dump that struck the crypto markets this year. It got Ethereum moving all the way from above $1,900 back to just between $1,300 to $1,400, right at that time BCH was also drained all down to $400 right from above $700.

I don't want to speak in details of how I did highlight a bit of the potentials of Bitcoin Cash, even though I understand that some of the points may have been Flawed and totally not a good stand point. I mean in the current crypto hour we are in, I believe it's not yet time, but we're like closer to the time people will understand that the journey through growing coins and tokens is not a competition in any way. People have made it a norm to jump on any investor with different views and choice of investments to theirs and that's totally wrong. So long as options are available, people will always go from different things in general.

At the end, we all seek the massive utilization of Cryptocurrencies

You know that feeling when you make a slight prediction and it falls through? That's how I feel when I see a coin I may have shilled picking up some pace, and in this case, BCH takes the front page.


While running into the periods of a bull market, I believe the dumbest idea a person would have is selling back to tether at every slight volatility down play. People may sleep but the crypto market doesn't. The moment I noticed BCH regaining momentum and climbing up 500$ I knew this bull market was gonna send it above a thousand dollars where it had once been, hopefully this time there won't be that sort of retracement.

In the case of serving the purpose of the Fiat currency, in this space, Bitcoin Cash has most of the potentials I believe. Right from being fairly accepted by many sectors, fast transactions and low fees along the line, it's just likely gonna be the most traded cryptocurrency based on the "traditional money" purpose it may take upon itself.

How do you feel about Bitcoin Cash?

Thanks for reading this far, all comments are most welcomed

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I'm a hodler. BCH is good enough for me to hodl. Who knows, maybe even "to pay for a cup of coffee" some day.
But...wait... why not with Hive ?

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Uhm, Hive is way much scalable in nature, I just feel there has not been much marketing done to give it the exposure it deserves. The Zero fees is really crazy, and let's no even talk about the speed, it's really super and sadly it's still undervalued at the moment.

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That's the only thing holds me to hive, lol.. but i disagree that hive hasn't had the marketing. Hive had the biggest marketing opportunity during the fork. The biggest names in crypto were involved. For me hive is going to need a unique application or second layer project better than hive itself and most people will use that. Also proof of brain may have to be left out. i think its some direct problems with that although i feel it is necessary for hive to function. However i think it will have to go the way of like ethereum and have the baseline structure as to say you can have a project on ethereum or hive and that project may even outperform it. That is possible and maybe that will happen to hive in the future or not. However something like that i feel now is going to be necessary.

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I think I would prefer investing on hive than investing on bch....

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How do i feel about bitcoin cash? i love it 100%!.. i got 2 predictions.. first one.. bitcoin cash going to $5000.. next prediction applications built on bitcoin cash like their version of twitter or some product like that will have tokens in the top 20... just like ethereum..Bitcoin Cash is that coin and i've always been a fan.

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BCH is flying high thanks to Noise.Cash

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I’m a newbie investor in this space..
Smfh.. :(

I must admit that I don't really know much about BCH. I'm fairly new to the crypto sphere and there is a lot going on so I still didn't have the time to get on it.

I'm trying to focus mainly on Hive tokens and two or 3 coins outside of this chain. Maybe when I get more comfortable with these, I'll try to "explore" more of this universe.

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