Making Losses on the first day is a good thing - Understand the gamble

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When we talk about quick money chase, most people tend to deny the fact that they are involved in them a couple of times, but that's something I can't lie about, cause I pretty much crave easy money as well, even with the longer sight of the possibilities of having a wealthier bank slip.

I've been away for a while, chasing after some sit loads in hopes to get a big load. Well, it practically sucked up a few bucks, though the greener end would have been crazy. You see, I see so many people crying how they made losses on their first trade, and most times am like "what do you expect"?

I recently made a one time subscription for fixed games, I expect to make a bank from it as it is fixed, you know these days almost nothing is transparent, so it's basically a norm to see manipulations everywhere, so as such, it's now a business focused field.

So I practically paid $40 for two supposed fixed games, it was a total of 260 odds, I dumped just about 15 dollars as stake, to potentially win $3,900 you can call that blood money. Looking at what I risked, it doesn't really seem fair to hit such jackpot right? I practically watched both games and both looked fishy, it was an obvious fixed game, the energy from the players were a total sell off. Maybe a better deal was brought upon and the previous settlement was overlooked, because I basically lost the bet, lol.


This is Similar in Crypto!

I've always pointed out how everything under the sun is manipulated, ain't no real shit, so life itself is a gamble, just play smart. In crypto space, we see people coming in and asking how much they can make from a 20$ or 30$ investment. While that's a very cheap shit, for starters it's acceptable, but then when a novice expect millions, that's where it becomes disturbing.

I came across a meme some time back where it was written "Dear bitch citizens, before you bill your crypto invested boyfriend, do check the markets"

It's funny that everyone see "US" the believers as Rich guys, well, to some extent we are rich, but why would people see what is making others rich and not join in? Weird right? They just lay back, you take the risk and then they bill you in the name of friendship, well that's not cool.

However, for people who actually decide to join in, hoping on green starts, of course we wish it for you as well, but there's something we all gotta understand, and that's just that "Crypto Investing" is a gamble, so are you a mommy's girl or you can take losses?

I feel it's better a person encouter red candles on first trades, it really does help shape the mind and prepare it for even worst experience. Green candles can trigger a excitement and for a newbie, they could just fuckin dump more cash recklessly and literally get rekt because green candles don't last long, prrrff…

So in real sense, making Losses on the first day is more of a merit, money isn't objective, it is subjective but only summits to smart minds. They're basically a lot of golden opportunities out there, but also black holes, but whichever you dig into, it really doesn't matter, it's all part of the game, stay bright minded!

Thanks for reading this far, all comments are most welcomed

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I think the majority of us can attest to the losses that we have suffered over the years in hopes of having that big win to push us into the next phase of our crypto investing. I also think we were all at that noob point at one time where we thought we would be millionaires after only being involved with crypto for a day or two. I am so glad I am past that phase and a bit wiser now.

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Yes, it's really a mentality to keep aside, the gamble ain't for weak hearts

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Indeed, it is not.

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