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If we actually look back to properly understanding what a year 2021 has been, I believe we'd discover that after so much has happened, we still know very little of how the markets operate. I was lurking as usual, when I stumbled on a post on

If you've been around Leofinance for some time now, you'd prolly know all about what had happened in the first quarter of the year, even though we quickly forget as the minutes go by. Countless times since last year, I've witnessed the markets tremble, and also several times, I've watched it rebound with the craziest green candles.

Gamestop was one wild fire that had really expose the stock markets and Crypto markets activities to each other. After Gamestop went haywire causing a mad ass flame, so many people had then stopped to understand how the markets operate, but some actually already forgotten.

Am not so into stocks, so I won't try blabbing stuffs much about it. But there's one thing one can compare here, about these two trade stations to a certain point. On the stock markets we trade securities, lend out by initial investors as shares, you really can't go into the investment of securities with a fairly strong heart, you just might die in the process.

There's quite a similarity to the crypto market. One has to understand that candles go green and also goes red, the ability to handle whatever comes through, solely depends on if a person has set his mind firm towards his investments and the targets set out to achieve.


You know this guy? Well neither did I, but not until today. You see, since I wasn't so interested in Stocks, I must of the time aired any conversation about Gamestop or any stock if am being honest. But today, I just had to watch a video from this guy, after I read about his new position attained on Gamestop shares,if I read it right he now owns just about 200,000 shares worth over $30M.

He must be a rich dude right?

Well, not really! I mean he's rich now thanks to his money hungry guts, but he wasn't always rich, wasn't born with a silver spoon tired round his little man.


So he's an individual stock investor, also a YouTuber, just the typpa person that would do something and just feel like sharing with his audience

Stock Markets made him rich, and here Crypto will make me rich! Yeah you read that right...

There are things I derived from this interview with him, you know what, let me just quote him...

Gill :

a few things I am not, I am not a cat, I am not an Institutional investor, nor am I a hedge fund

OK, first this guy appears here with his shirt written "Game Over" pretty crazy to be wearing that around and hoping for the goods to come your way. And then he's telling us is not a Cat! he just had to bring the kitties into his mess.

Well, we can also observe him saying he's not an Institutional investor.

Now to draw us back to the crypto markets. Each time I look back, it feels like December was just yesterday, where we all were here, I was on Leofinance posting about bitcoin hitting an All Time High on Christmas, a practically called Bitcoin a bitch, you can have a scroll through my profile to find that post if you have the time.

Bitcoin has always been a bitch, and just as a bitch, no one controls it, it moves as it pleases based on the fact the it is fully aware of its worth...

The crypto markets has a format at which it moves, and that's my individual activities. If am dumping and it triggers a drop, someone else somewhere is liable to dump too, this decisions are made individually, solely for the purpose of making profits and taking a bigger position. That's how whales steal the tiny Bitcoins we "paper hands" hold.

I strongly believe what's coming and that's nothing but abundance. When one studies the markets the more, he'd or should understand that at some point, directions can't be determined, the displacement point is unlikely to be attain, that's the volatility investors have to understand and deal with. The Inner market decisions are made individually, but as a mind made up investor, you should rather understand the risk involved at first and take a stance to hit your targets.

Prices in the markets never remain the same in any sector in the world, because when one person praises a product, some one else criticizes it. One wants it but the other wants it gone. It's either the product gains higher demand and gains value or it losses out and that influences its value or price.

When a person stands at the top and looks down, all he can see is the tiny efforts below, but the skies where once shaded by tall mountains he thought could never be climbed... Invest with a goal set out, it helps one deal with volatility which definitely comes in...

Thanks for reading this far, all comments are most welcomed

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Volume is what most people overlook if they are struggling. It's hard to see huge volume influxes on the large exchanges coming if you're not using them as well.

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That's something still quite debatable, most people let emotions kick in and it most times is a killer

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I didn't know successful people allowed their emotions to make trades for them.

I was talking about people who plan on being successful, not reacting to your emotions was something a lot of us learned in elementary school or around the age of 8 when we didn't get our way the first time.

Others are more stubborn, but I welcome for them for make irrational decisions I will profit from.

I really like Keith!

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Same here, after watching this Video, I feel addicted already,lol. In fact because of him, I might just start using YouTube regularly...

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This was a really great read. I don't know as though I fully understand the markets, but I show up here pretty much every day and I ready what people like you have to say. I think that is going to put me ahead of the curve. I hope so anyway!

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