If I see clearly - major gambling in display

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The system still feels pretty shady to some, it's been weeks of having bitcoin replay the same pattern of having a slight percentage increase, and then hit a retrace bottom, back to initial price value prior earliest dump.

Currently, it's not so easy to figure out numbers, the odds are getting high and high, but still, it's a problem robbing ones head around what option or prediction would hit the green. As time goes by, cryptocurrency industries become more matured and become a proof of a legal gambling field just like every other finance sectors, just that this time, it's decentralized, totally user owned, it's a pretty small circle.


Some weeks ago, a lot of people panicked, sold off a lot of their holdings losing their positions. When I look at Microstrategy bitcoin buying activities, if I see clearly, there's hell gambling in display, but the simplest explanation I can give to this theory is just "billions of dollars ambitions" even trillions if grace driven.

A yahoo.finance report states that:
MicroStrategy has, with Michael Saylor at its helm, emerged as one of the most bullish public companies on cryptocurrencies. It has already issued convertible bonds worth around $1 billion in its quest to scoop up more of the coins, though this is the first-ever corporate bond sale with proceeds earmarked for such purchases. Saylor’s focus on Bitcoin, including making it an official corporate strategy, has drawn the ire of critics.

Uhm, the next paragraph will pretty much go deeper on this. Microstrategy ever since joining this game of choosing bunch of internet codes typpa money over paper cash (Fiat) which I could use to wipe my ass. He has however proven to be really bullish about it, maybe overly, I mean his buying approach does tend to feel outrageous, but hey, there's a focus and as a business man, it's either you hit the target or die trying.

“The $400 million in debt isn’t being used to fund an acquisition or growth. It’s being used to speculate on a volatile asset,” said Marc Lichtenfeld, chief income strategist at the Oxford Club. “Does MicroStrategy even have a business anymore or is it simply a proxy for Bitcoin -- with borrowed money?” Source

I wonder as well. Like does he really owned shit as it stands? What kind of a person be selling so much to buy a highly volatile currency? It's fascinating to witness the process.

If you've been on Twitter, maybe probably scrolling through a bunch of Elon Musk tweets, you'd notice in the comments section where a lot of people come complaining, some saying they borrowed money to invest, some saying they sold their houses and stuff. I know that at some point point, you really do think if it's just seeking for attention or they actually did do all that. So then, look no forward for people with such gambling guts because Microstrategy has got a monster of a kind!

It's been a borrow, been up in sales, couple of sell offs, extremely consistent buying of Bitcoin, basically, it's been raining cash on 'em sats counting up.

My advice :

Don't copy his investment skills entirely, but rather, learn from his courage and focus minded approach! Making profits on investments solely depends on how much you're willing to risk and how patient you can be to achieve your success story.

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To add to your advice: Earn crypto instead of investing. No need to borrow and instead compound crypto earnings. Play 2 earn will soon be in play as well. Just my 4 cents..:)

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Play 2 earn, me like it :)

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It is more than gambling if am to say. The right word isn't there just yet to explain what is going on and what to expect. The outcome no doubts, is massive.

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It is interesting that people are so easily rekt. I think you are right that some of them might just be writing that stuff to get attention and they didn't really invest their life's savings. Gosh I hope not anyway. I just invest what I can spare. It has worked well for me. Just hodl'ing for the long term now...

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